From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Times Of Change

 Dear Readers,

The one thing that is impossible to escape in these times is the overwhelming change that we’ve had to deal with – it’s taking place everywhere, at all levels, and very, very conspicuously. I doubt humanity has ever been subject to as many elements of change, simultaneously, before this. Be it the pandemic, the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, climate change, governments failing globally, or then, a change in human perspective brought on by all these… there’s no running away from these times of change.

There’s not a soul amongst us who has not been touched or impacted, directly or indirectly, with what’s going on in the world today. Just as there would hardly be anyone who hasn’t stepped back in wonder and reflection, to gain greater insight into these happenings, if only just to ease the acceptance of these vicissitudes. While we need to manage the consequences of all these changes in our lives in real time, the effort would go unappreciated in its entirety if we didn’t augment it with introspective afterthought.

It is said, ‘Change is inevitable, growth is optional’. Even the thickest of us would have imbibed some learnings, if not lessons, from these life-altering, or should I say humanity-altering, experiences. And while change constantly establishes itself as the ‘Law of Life’, it is only those who have taken the initiative to reflect on and imbibe its deeper lessons, who will welcome change as the rule, but not as their ruler.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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