Idavala Agiary Celebrates 179th Salgreh

On 1st July, 2022 (Roj Behram, Mah Bahman), Idavala Agiary celebrated its glorious 179th Salgreh, with a Hama Anjuman Machhi offered to Padshah Saheb in Havan Gah, followed by a Hama Anjuman Jashan at 10:00 am, performed by four Mobeds, led by the young and dynamic Panthaki – Er. Shahvir Dastur. In addition to a large gathering of Humdins, this event was also attended by Trustees Godrej Dotivala, Siloo Bilimoria, Veera Wadia, Minoo Bamboat and Ervad Gayomard Panthaki.

Next, a religious discourse on Bahaman Amsaspand was given by Er. Darayesh Katrak in the newly renovated hall. In his address, Managing Trustee Godrej Dotivala thanked the two donors for renovating the frontage/ hall and the toilet block. He appealed for more donations as the main Agiary building also required extensive repairs. Those wishing to donate can call 9820102651 for details.

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