New Leadership At XYZ

XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians) Foundation, the community’s leading children’s organisation for our Parsi/Irani children, has been providing excellent entertainment and growth opportunities for nearly a decade. Each year, during July, XYZ Foundation gets a new bunch of President Nominees of its groups, comprising children in their 6th or 7th grade. These future leaders will train under 2 sets of Presidents, this year and next year, before taking over as Presidents themselves, in 2024. This succession planning helps the groups work well and the leadership dynamic continues as they get honed into role models for their XYZ Groups through leadership camps and events.

The first task of these President Nominees is to plan activities for India’s 75th Independence Day as part of our Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative for the Government of India. “It’s amazing to see the fresh ideas of the kids and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them and learn from them too. We wish that these leaders of the community use their Good Minds and make informed decisions and take XYZ Foundation forward,” said Hoshaang Gotla, Founder, XYZ.

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