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Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s column on her unique Numero-Tarot monthly readings, based on your month of birth:

January (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Card: Hierophant): You are a very intelligent and smart personality. You will be able to figure out your path with your inner wisdom. Follow your dreams.

February (Lucky No. 8; Lucky Card: Strength): Have the self-confidence to be who you truly are. Confidence is the key to your success. A situation which has been confusing for you could come to an end, this month. This is a very favourable time for those who want to get married. 

March (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Card: Star): You need to take care of your heart – both emotionally as well as physically. Do not take on stress – do all you can to let it go. Your divine healing has begun.

April (Lucky No. 1; Lucky Card: Magician): Sudden short travel is indicated for you. Financial support is coming your way and this will bring you out of your liquidity problems. Money will flow now on.

May (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Card: Sun): Marriage is on the cards for those born in May! A happy and victorious month lies ahead. You will have a lot of emotional support.

June (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Card: Lovers): A bright new day finally awaits you after a long, dark, gloomy night. The month ahead will bring you all kinds of success and triumphs. You need to learn how to ease yourself out of emotional stresses. 

July (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Card: Justice): Financially, this is a very good month ahead for you. You are advised to always follow your intuition. If needed, don’t hesitate to consult an expert for any kind of advice.

August (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Card: Emperor): Remember, everything that glitters is not gold. You need to stop being naïve and shake yourself out of your illusion. Think twice before taking any important decisions.

September (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Card: High Priestess): This is the ideal time for those who wish to pursue their studies abroad. Learn to take the world in your stride. Be careful with your health. Consult a physician, please do not ignore even minor health issues in this month.

October (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Card: Empress): Within your heart, you are aware of your own destiny, but you are in search of the path. Learn to shoulder your responsibilities. Do not get consumed by the feelings of being neglected – it’s all in your mind.

November (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Card: World): You are feeling at ease now. This month brings you ample mental as well as financial stability. You know how to rule the world – let your intelligence lead the way. 

December (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Card: Wheel Of Fortune): Life can be a roller coaster at times but remember that nothing is permanent, except for change. Learn to go with the flow. Victory is on the cards. Choose to give up the things that hurt you and enjoy your life.

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