Tap Into Your Soul

In the deepest corner of our souls, lies an undisputable latent knowing. Undeniable, there is the connection between the earthly realm and the one beyond. In our respective journeys on earth, we forget that we are bodies within our souls and not souls that exist in our bodies. The soul and the body have an inseparable connection. We choose the body, the life-span and our purpose on earth long before we are born. Unfortunately, this memory eludes us as we go through life. For centuries we have believed in the existence of souls, but till date, scientific proof or fact is not a certainty.

Ours souls urge us to find our spiritual purposes from time to time. Little nudges here and there. No matter how alienating or disbelieving human thinking is to all this or how much of what you read or acquaint yourself with, spirituality and this truth evades us in its entirety. In essence, we are all at some level aware of it. There are signs, elements, and little nuggets of unexplainable happiness. Some folk are always happy when surrounded by music, an educator fulfilled tutoring young adults, a life advisor finding his calling mentoring minds…. there are people who find utmost bliss in nature, others in prayers. 

Finding your spiritual path and acknowledging it is far more difficult than it appears. All human life leads us to stray from our true purpose. All human life prompts us to be involved with temporal achievements and drives. The job you have, the career you’ve made, your ambition quotient, the success you enjoy. More often than not, spiritual wellness is not even a blimp on the radar of living a full life for us all. 

Finding your spiritual purpose may take you down many paths, it requires an open mind and a trusting soul. The first step to finding your higher purpose is to understand what it is you seek. It requires a pinch of curiosity along with absolute trust. We sometimes call it, ‘a gut feeling’, or simply ‘instinct’. But something deep within awakens with that call. Our tendencies are to ignore, even fight it at times. It is not connected to anything material and we are creatures that live and thrive best in a material world. Rather, a spiritual purpose is mainly about establishing a set of values, principles and beliefs that give life meaning to you, and then using these to guide you with the decisions and actions you need to take. 

When you seek a spiritual journey, you speak honestly to yourself for the first time. You ask questions that may baffle you. “What gives you comfort in times of sorrow?” “What are the things that give you hope?” “Do you oftentimes tolerate the beliefs and harsh viewpoints of other?” “What is your system of values and beliefs?” “Do you lead a life of aspiration or inspiration?” There are no guidelines or answers to these myriad questions that one may keep posing but you suspect there are ways to lead you to a more purposeful life. Practicing empathy, compassion and forgiveness for others but mostly with oneself becomes easier. Along the way, you heal old wounds, work with yourself. 

Part of spiritual rejuvenation is about viewing the good in others, even when not immediately apparent or visible. It takes a certain mindset to always look from another’s perspective to understand what drives them to do things. Stresses, frustrations, disillusionments, insecurities and mainly fear drives the human soul. You learn to peel those layers to unravel all the good hidden within people. Knowledge is not enough, it is wisdom you seek on your spiritual path. 

Finding your soul purpose is not about becoming someone different, or chasing something better or good. It simply means to align yourself with your true purpose when you finally recognize your inner being. The path of spiritual awakening involves uncovering the core of your being, the values, beliefs, passions and ideas that are authentic to you. When you accept your eternal self you realize that every person you meet in your lifetime has a purpose for being there. It is not joining some cheerful carnival cavalcade that promises you a perfect earth paradise in this world. There is no promised land or the promise of deep awareness to the secrets and mysteries of the world. 

Your soul purpose is to discover your bliss. Empaths and Lightworkers didn’t arrive on this planet to march you into a parade or pageantry of their choice. Theirs is quiet work, the kind when the soul whispers to you. Perhaps if you heard yours, you’d know exactly what I mean! 

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