During Muktads when I would pray for mom and dad
I’d tell them to enjoy their stay here, and be glad
I’d chant for them the divine songs
And my closeness to them, would grow so strong.

Though I could not see them by my side
I could feel their presence and so I’d confide
That my love for them was still so deep
And them, in my heart, I will always keep.

I’d gaze at the steady flame of the lamp
Recalling past days, that in my memory are stamped
And sitting before their portraits fair,
My loving thoughts with them I’d share.

Not seen, but around they surely were
To my prayer table, I would often be lured
The scent of flowers and the tasty treat
Would make me feel, elated and upbeat.

As the Muktad days were nearing a close
There was an ache in my heart, I felt remorse
It was time for mom and dad to retreat
To their heavenly abode, and Our Father, meet.

So I pleaded with them to bid me goodbye
Before they left for their home in the skies
I pressed their portrait close to my heart
Hoping they would meet me before their depart.

I went to bed to a sound sleep
Happy that God, will my parents keep
Happy that my prayers towards them were complete
“I thank You, God, for helping me in this feat”.
From deep slumber I was awakened by a gentle call
A soft voice which had me appalled
It was my mum saying they would be gone
In the early hours of dawn.

I saw them gently stroking my head
As they leaned over me, while I lay in bed
I felt their warm breath on my cheek
As leave from me, they did seek.

They blessed me with untold happiness
They hugged me with love and eagerness
And then they faded away from view
Where they were gone, I had no clue.

I sat up and looked longingly around
Where were mom and dad I had just found?
I blinked and stared into the darkness of the night
I just sat in bed dazed, hugging my pillow tight.

Was this a dream that had come to me?
Was my wish simply being granted by me parents to me?
Was it my sub-conscience just playing its part
Registering all my thoughts right from the start?

If it was a dream, why was I not lying down?
Why was I sitting with a slight frown?
Why were my cheeks wet with tears?
Was it because I was just separated from my dears?

Mom and dad I miss you so,
I wish you both had never to go,
Away to a land so far away…
I fervently pray, we’ll meet again someday.

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