Crispy Doodles’ Parsi Calendar For Kids With ‘Quotes From The Avesta’

– A Divine Gift For Your Tots! –

After her resounding success with the Parsi Calendar for kids (2021-22), Delzin Choksey of Crispy Doodles’ latest innovative offering – Parsi Calendar for kids with ‘Quotes From The Avesta’ – has been receiving rave reviews! Delzin believes bringing Zoroastrianism to young kids is important and these bright colors and happy illustrations in the calendars help children learn and associate positively with important religious concepts.

Crispy Doodles’ Parsi Calendar for Kids gives children access to the Roj and helps them understand the important Parabs and dates, by sparking an interest in the child, thus giving parents the opportunity to introduce something new and valuable. Children can mark out their own Roj birthdays and meanings of important celebrations and occasions like the Muktad days or Pateti.

To see something and mark it out themselves gives children greater control and understanding than a calendar they can’t reach, don’t understand and aren’t making part of their routine. One parent shared how their child went through the calendar, month by month, copying illustrations as well as exploring and internalizing common day experiences like the divo or ses – making it a priceless and engaging Zoroastrian experience for children. In addition, there are meaningful quotes from the Avesta and Gatha added to each month. These further enhance the understanding of Zoroastrianism in young, bright minds, ready to change the world.

The Parsi Calendar for 2022 with quotes from the Avesta has proven to be a huge hit and only limited stocks are available. Book your calendars online NOW at:

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