Fully Renovated Aslaji Agiary Welcomes Devotees With Jashan

The fully renovated Aslaji Bhikhaji Daremeher (or ‘Aslaji Agiary’ as it is popularly known) celebrated its glorious 173rd Salgreh on 31st July, 2022 (Roj Behram, Mah Asfandarmad; YZ 1391), opening its door to delighted devotees, with a Hama Anjuman Jashan at 9:00 am performed by Er. Nariman Panthaky – Panthaki of Aslaji Agiary, alongside Er. Farhad Bagli, Er. Eric Unwalla and Er. Yazad Bagli. The Agiary was packed with community members attending the prayers with much fervour.


For decades, Pak Aslaji Agiary, tucked away in one of Mumbai’s bylanes (Lamington Road, Girgaon), draws in innumerable devotees from all corners of Mumbai, more so on Fridays. Each month, on Roj-Meher and Roj-Behram, devotees throng the Agiary to attend the Hama Anjuman Jashan. On Meher Roj of Meher Mahino, the Agiary witnesses serpentine queues of faithful Zarthostis, patiently awaiting their turn to enter the Agiary and pay homage to the holy Fire and seek its blessings. Such faith and devotion is based on the claim of many who vouch that their prayers to the Pak Aslaji Agiary fire always get answered miraculously.

This year, the devotees who attended the Salgreh Jashan were in for a visual treat as the Agiary had undergone a complete facelift! Complete overhauling of the entrance, front hall, kusti area, back area comprising the kitchen, bath and toilets, etc was done in phases, and the new hanging lamps, tiling, freshly painted walls and ceiling, wooden panelling, polished antique wooden sofas with soft cushions, et al rendered an aesthetical transformation.

A Hama Anjuman Jashan was performed on Roj-Khordad, Mah-Asfandarmad YZ 1391 at 11:00 am to mark the completion of the renovation and restoration of the Atash Padshah Saheb into the Adaryaan, on the midnight of 16th July, after performing the Vendidad and Yajashni / Ijashni prayers. Yet again, the Agiary was packed to capacity during the Jashan. Despite many unable to find a vacant seat, all the devotees left the Agiary with a sense of peace, joy and fulfilment. The regulars, who visit the Agiary, come sun or rain, were transported back to the pre-Covid days, when this Agiary was always bustling with devotees who came with a plea or their lips, or then, to offer thanks for a wish already fulfilled!


There should be some regulation on the price of eating items and quality also which is degrading every year.
Quality is important ,how it’s packed ,is it hygienic

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