Jiyo Parsi – Connecting The Unconnected

This is a story shared by Burjor Shroff (name changed for privacy)…

They say where there’s a will, one will always find a way. Sometimes, in life, we need to build our own path to reach our destination. When the desire is strong enough, the entire Universe conspires to make possible, that which is seemingly impossible.

My inspiring story is one comprising both – heartache and tears as well as joy and satisfaction. Ever since I was a young man, the idea of marriage seemed appealing. Though many friends were against the idea of marrying and settling down, I always thought otherwise. The reason was the pain I had seen in my uncle Soli’s eyes, when I would visit him, every Sunday, at the Old Age Home, in Byculla, Mumbai.

He would regale us with hilarious stories of his adventures as a sailor. I loved sitting in his lap, listening to tales from across the world, till I’d doze off and daddy would pick me up and drive us back home. Soli kaka would stroke my head and say, “Dikra, do not repeat your uncle’s mistake of staying a ‘bachelor boy’ – I took Cliff Richard’s song seriously and stayed unmarried all my life. Now as my time to meet the Creator draws near, I do wish I had acted otherwise. They say in Hindi , ‘Shaadi aisa laddoo hai – jo khaye woh pachhtaye aur jo na khaye woh bhi pachhtaye!’ Dikra Burjor, laddoo khane me hi samajdari hai!”

On a more serious note, he would share, “Sharing a life with a partner, having someone to whisper to in the middle of the night, and learning the skill of adjusting with another human being, is a life-experience no one should miss out on. In our youth, we are eager to experience so many different things, then why shy away from experiencing a beautiful bond? Agreed, some marriages do not result in being wonderful experiences, but one can’t generalize… After all, a few rotten apples should not make one give up eating apples altogether!”

I took my Soli kaka seriously and started my journey finding a partner who I could share life and all its ups and downs with. I fell in love with many girls I met, but unfortunately, they did not respond to my romantic overtures. As time flew by, my career soared and kept me travelling across the country. I finally settled on the East coast of India and built my home there.

Now, finding a Bawi bride became even more difficult as I felt like an unconnected dot. There were very few Parsis in the city I lived in, and finding a nice Parsi woman felt like an impossible dream for me. But life had taught me that all things are possible for those who believe and keep working at their goals. My family was supportive and encouraged me not to give up my search, saying, “One day our unconnected dot ne line dori ne koi to connect thasech!!”

I heard about Jiyo Parsi Online Matrimony Meet and was curious to know more. Checking out their website and registering for the meet, gave me a sense of hope and gratitude. The event was well organized and provided a platform for many Parsi youth to connect with each other and exchange contacts. And this is how I got to meet with Binaz – we met online and spoke for only a few minutes. We shared a mutual liking for each other and soon exchanged our email IDs and phone numbers.

She was from the North and I was settled in the East. Two unconnected dots… finally connected, thanks to Jiyo Parsi Online Matrimony Meet! The rest, as they say, is sweet history!



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