WAPIZ Cama Baug Sale – A Huge Success

The WAPIZ Cama Baug Sale which was held on 30th and 31st July, 2022 was a great success with Parsis thronging the venue from across Mumbai to purchase their favourite food and other utility items.

Chief Guest Burges Wania – son of Late Hoshang Wania – WAPIZ’s Founder Trustee, who recently passed away – donated Rs 75,000 to cover the cost of all the tables, in memory of his fui and fua – Late Coomi and Sam Bhagat, saving the participants the cost of the same. Ers. Farzad and Hormuz Keki Ravji inaugurated the sale, alongside Burges Wania, and invoked Ahura Mazda’s blessings for its success.

Anahita Desai, CEO – WAPIZ, was felicitated amidst loud cheers, by Ers, Farzad and Hormuz Ravji and WAPIZ Trustee Khojeste Mistree, for her resounding victory in being elected as Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, with the highest number of votes.

The sale offered all items of interest for Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians, including sadras, torans, religious artifacts, diva glasses, Parsi kurtis and nighties, and not to forget a line-up of food stalls selling delicious snacks, including chapat, topli paneer, kervai and more! A prominent banner appealed to the community for support in WAPIZ’s ongoing Adult Diaper Project; it received generous donations from community members and participants.

There was a double celebration at Cama Baug last weekend. The small Otla, which has been newly air-conditioned through the generous donation from Kerafrid Nitash Damania’s family Trust (Daroga Trust), was also inaugurated by BPP Trustee and Wapiz CEO – Anahita Desai and donor Kerafrid Damania. Zenobia Daroga, Kerafrid’s mother, was also present for the inauguration.

What sets apart the WAPIZ Cama Baug Sale from others is its focus on providing good facilities to the participating entrepreneurs and visiting community members. Participants are provided free mineral water bottles and tea and tables are decorated with skirtings and plastic coverings for a clean and professional look; tables with umbrella shades are provided for crowds to sit and relish the snacks, and a special cleaning staff ensures the efficient management of washrooms and garbage bins. This along with all the special items up for grabs at the Sale renders the WAPIZ sale a huge success, with community members looking forward anxiously for the next one!



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