– The Beauty Queen Who Wears The Crown Of Compassion –


There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. Real beauty lies within a body whose heart houses compassion, because it is compassion which awakens true beauty within… and the glow, confidence and charisma of such beauty is incomparable and undefeatable. You will find such beauty and such a glow adorning the persona of Yasmin Jal Mistry – a leading icon of our community… admired as much for her beauty, as she is appreciated for her innate sense of community service and philanthropy.

The perfect mix of beauty, intelligence and compassion, Yasmin Mistry – who has won over the community with her constant service and dedication, spanning over 15 years, to support the community’s underprivileged – was recently crowned ‘MRS. WORLD INTERNATIONAL’, on 5th June, 2022, at the prestigious ‘MRS. WORLD INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT’. Her tireless efforts to help community members is an accomplishment as commendable as the crown itself.

Her journey is inspirational and if she were to encapsulate it all, it would be in the words of Albert Einstein, “The ideals which have lit my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty and Truth.” For Yasmin, more than all else, this crown provides her a wider platform which she can put to good use for the various causes that she has advocated and stands for – Community Service, Women Empowerment, and being the trailblazer leader at ZTFI (Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India), the community’s leading non-profit organisation, aimed at uplifting the less fortunate.

Yasmin’s beauty led her to pursue a highly successful career in the Fashion and Modelling sector since the age of just 17. She was also crowned ‘Miss Gujarat’ and ‘Supermodel India’ and has modelled professionally for some of India’s leading brands including Raymonds, Sunsilk, Lakme, Tribhuvandas Bhimji, Godrej, etc. But destiny had chosen a different path for Yasmin, and she had to take over her the reigns of the family business after the untimely passing of her father.

Despite being a woman in a predominantly ‘man’s arena’, Yasmin successfully broke the glass ceiling with her intrinsic sense of leadership and fairplay, and within a decade, had greatly expanded the horizons of the business. Her unwavering and disciplined dedication to hard work, alongside her dynamism, courage and diligence, has borne fruit for Yasmin in all spheres.

Having immense love and respect for her mother, leading community service veteran Arnavaz Mistry, who has dedicated over four decades of her life serving the needs of our community’s poor. Having idolised her mother all through her childhood and a young adult, Yasmin took to community service effortlessly and found immense satisfaction in serving those in need. She currently heads ZTFI alongside her mother and a band of committed Trustees and Volunteers who have collectively succeeded greatly in making a huge difference in the lives of the less fortunate community members. “It has been my personal experience for years now that it is only in giving can one feel one has truly been the recipient of God’s will to spread happiness and help amongst others. A life without giving is a life lived incompletely and one which lacks substance, because you will never experience the true heights of joy in your heart until you have brought a smile on the lips and a sparkle in the eyes of another fellow being. My mother lived this reality and now I do too. Her presence in my life is my greatest source of inspiration, she has been my pillar through it all. And of course, my constant source of peace and motivation comes from our prayers which truly made me feel protected, strengthened and blessed.”

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