From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

A Time To Heal

Dear Readers,

Today (Roj – Ardibehesht, Mah – Ardibehesht) marks the parab (or festival) of Ardibehesht, which is the second month of the Zoroastrian calendar, as also the third day of every month. As shared by our extremely popular columnist and authority on Parsi religion and culture – Noshir Dadrawala, this day, as also this month, is of utmost significance as Ardibehesht is Ahura Mazda’s divine attribute of Truth, Divine Order and Healing.

In keeping with recent as well as not so recent events, the attribute of ‘Healing’ seems to be the urgent need of the hour. Healing from a sense of loss – sometimes irrecoverable… healing from wounds – mental and physical, that haven’t mended yet… healing from the ordinary and the extraordinary stresses of everyday life… we all could do with some healing.

A constant and gradual process, which happens over time, complete healing takes place when we are reconciled to all relationships that are essential to our well-being – starting with the one we have with ourselves, and moving on to those that are spiritual, social, economic and environmental. While healing is often about reconciliation, it is also about Forgiveness, Gratitude and Self-love. Those of us who have been unable to completely heal from any unfortunate circumstance for a long time, will often find that the answer lies in these three aspects.

May the auspicious and potent month of Ardibehest nurse and restore all those in need of healing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita


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