XYZ’s Groups Keep The Good Deeds Going!

The Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) Foundation, the community’s leading children’s non-profit organisation, with the aim of inculcating the true essence of Parsipanu in our little Zoro kids has been doing an excellent job! The members – comprising tots and young adults – are part of groups named after inspiring Parsi icons of yore.

More recently, two such groups – ‘Jamshed’s Giants’ (JG) and ‘Daraius’ Daredevils’ (DD) – both provided admirable social and community service for greater causes.

Jamshed’s Giants raised funds for the famous animal shelter, Probably Paradise, which is established and run by Roxanne Davur, in Karjat. Understanding that animal rescue is a much-needed social service, JG helped provide Probably Paradise Shelter with new fans, lights, and paints for the new stables as well as helped upgrade the existing ones, so that the animals here – which include abandoned or injured cats, dogs, horses, and donkeys – get some respite in summer and remain dry during the rains.

They achieved this via a donation plea in which they collected Rs. 50,000, alongside a few fans, lights, and switches were from a generous donor. A car full of goods was delivered to the shelter on 31st August, 2022. Roxanne Davur expressed gratitude and thanked XYZ Foundation and JG for the generous donation.

In the first week of September, 2022, Daraius’ Daredevils of XYZ Foundation, alongside the Cusrow Baug United Sports & Welfare league (CBUSWL), helped in raising funds once again for the community’s only and iconic hospital – the B D Petit Parsee General Hospital. A sizeable sum amounting to Rs. 5,23,702/- was donated, thanks to the generosity of Cusrow Baug residents. DD’s kids put in much footwork in the collections process. The cheques were handed over by XYZ volunteers to Neville Jamshedji, CFO and GM – Admin, B D Petit Parsee General Hospital.


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