Numero Tarot By Dr. Jasvi

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Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s column on her unique Numero-Tarot monthly readings, based on your month of birth:


January (Lucky No. 1; Lucky Card: Magician): This is the time for you to spend good quality time with the family. This is an excellent month for you, financially. Do socialise even if you don’t really feel like it. Sometimes, you need to put in the added effort and force yourself to get out of the stress and isolation.

February (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Card: Wheel Of Fortune): Remember the golden rule: ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. This month will have you working off or paying your karmic debts. This is a good time for renovations or property-related matters.Happiness and success is on the cards. 

March (Lucky No. 8; Lucky Card: Strength): Learn to trust and follow your intuitions. You are blessed with a powerful ability to face any life-situation, so face it with confidence. You are advised to wear pearl(s) to help any mental confusions.

April (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Card: Hierophant): Never forget that health is wealth! Ensure that you are receiving good and sound sleep as therein lies the key to your good health. Try and avoid delving into unnecessary thoughts at night and fight off the feelings of negativity.

May (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Card: High Priestess): You know where your destiny lies, but you’re in search of the path. You need to slow down. Be practical, think things through with a steady mind and only then move ahead. Remember that ultimately, only you are responsible for your success!

June (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Card: Justice): Your confidence is your super-power, so don’t let anyone undermine it. Legal matters will get sorted out this month. Your troubled times are getting over, but these have helped you master the art of balancing situations.

July (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Card: Emperor): Short travels are indicated. There will be financial stability through this month. Learn to be confident about who you are. Move on in life with pride.

August (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Card: Sun): This is a great time for new beginnings. However, you need to be careful. Do not ignore any warnings. This is your time to reflect over past mistakes and ensure that you have learnt the lessons.

September (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Card: Star): You are innately intelligent and know how to use your intelligence. Learn to go with the flow. A temporary phase of fights and instability is on the cards. Be cautious when making investments.

October (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Card: Empress): As an intelligent and mentally strong individual, you are advised to not take any rash decisions in haste. You need to realise that sometimes you have to fight for your rights, to correct a situation.

November (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Card: World): A change in your residence or office is on the cards. You could undergo a temporary phase of financial crunch. Be careful when making investments. You will receive the divine blessings of holy figures.

December (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Card: Lovers): Your health will be in good shape. Financially, this is an excellent phase. You are blessed by the Divine Mother. You need to stop alienating yourself from others. Accept new challenges head-on and don’t run from taking risks because of your past experiences. Learn to be happy – every day is a new day!


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