Survive The Festive Season Without Sacrificing Your Health

During the festive season, many of us into ‘cheat mode’ and are most likely to gain weight, feel acidic or bloated. All those rules about healthy lifestyle habits go for a toss! The festive season is a time of celebration with friends and family with food as the central attraction, leaving you with a food hangover in the form bloatedness, weight gain and low energy levels.

Here’s how you can navigate through your celebrations in a way that will leave you feeling better the next day, instead of guilty and miserable! Let the days of post-festival regret be a thing of the past with a few right choices – so you can give yourself and your loved ones the ultimate gift of good health and life. Try out these tips that will help you stay healthy through the festive season:

 Work Around Your Appetite: Before heading out for a party, eat a healthy protein-rich snack, which takes care of your hunger. This puts you in a more rational position to make better food choices. Even if you decide to eat that mithai or any other favourite food, you will choose to do so rationally, instead of compulsively!

 Hands Off The Snack Bowls: A bowl of salted peanuts or Diwali snacks is common. While it’s instinctive to grab these treats, these are snacks which are best avoided. They contain inflammatory ingredients which cause inflammation and leave you feeling uneasy – and that’s definitely not part of the festivities!

Say No To Sugary Drinks: When you consume anything high in sugar, you will keep craving sugar for the rest of the evening. Once the party mode is over, you are shocked with the gain in inches and weight. I see people going on detoxes every year post Diwali and I ask them, “Did you party with a different body which is made up of stainless steel?” Opt for foods that nourish your system, like lemon soda or Kombucha, which keeps you hydrated and accepted as part of the clan!

Moderation Is The Key: There’s no doubt that alcohol can be inflammatory, specifically due to the burden it puts on your liver and digestive system. To indulge more responsibly, look for cocktails made with gut-healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger, kombucha, and water or coconut kefir. Also, choose better alcohols in moderation – the least inflammatory are grain-free options such as hard cider, tequila, brandy, rum and red wine.

 Learn To Say, ‘No, Thank You!’: It’s alright to politely decline something you don’t want, or know you should not have. Sure, some people equate love with food or pressure you to try “just one,” but really, has anyone’s day ever been ruined because someone turned down a mithai or drink? You owe yourself the ability to say ‘No’!

Does It Always Have To Be About Food? What if, instead of worrying about food, you focus instead on relaxing and having a good time with family and friends? Stress isn’t good for your health and healthy eating need not be a source of anxiety. Make a conscious effort and logical choices. Then relax and enjoy yourself!

Love Your Gut: Your gastrointestinal tract, including the microbes living inside your gut, are the foundation of your health. Inflammation can compromise your gut lining, which can lead to chronic inflammation. Probiotic supplements deliver beneficial bacteria to your microbiome for gut healing, so arming yourself with probiotics during the festive season can ensure your gut has the best possible chance at thriving and fighting inflammation. Look for probiotics with at least 10 billion CFUs, that contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.

So, how about adopting these tips during the festive season to truly celebrate what matters most – your health!

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