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Merry Christmas!


Dear Readers,

Today is Christmas eve and many of us blessed with Christian friends and neighbours will receive those yummy authentic, home-made goodies like kal-kals, neureos, bolinhas, etc. along with a generous helping of that show-stopping, special rum-soaked Xmas cake! For the rest, one can always purchase the Christmas specials across various patisseries, cafes and even some increasingly popular home-chefs!

But none of these Masterchef-prepared-looking pastries can hold a candle to the taste of those home-made authentic preparations… just like no amount of gifting could realise the true essence of ‘giving’ during Christmas. The intended spirit of giving during this festive season goes far beyond material gifts… it means little if you’ve missed out on giving – like the popular adage goes – ‘some things that money can’t buy’.

It is when you give of your time, your presence, your joy and yourself, that you have truly realised and rejoiced in the Christmas spirit of giving. And that is when every part of you becomes the Christmas blessing, or even the so-called Christmas miracle, for so many! Your mind seeks to bring joy to others, your lips share an infectious smile and utter words that bring comfort and happiness, your hands extend to give others a warm, heart-felt hug, your feet lead you towards the long lost or lonely to bring them solace… and your heart uplifts the universal energy as you spread all that love and care within. Now that would be doing justice to this holy and celebratory occasion!

And speaking of care, with Covid-19 cases rising in China, the Indian Medical Association has issued a timely notice warning us of a potential COVID-19 outbreak, and advising that we follow Covid-appropriate behaviour immediately, especially in terms of using masks in public places and avoiding large gatherings. While it does sound like a bummer during the festive season, when you have your parties and events lined up, you would do well to err on the side of caution and intelligence.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Xmas!


– Anahita


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