Asha Vahishta Dadgah (Pune) Celebrates 5th Anniversary

On 25th December, 2022, the Asha Vahishta Dadgah Saheb in Pune celebrated its 5th salgreh of enthronement of the holy fire. A Maachi was offered to the Dadgah Saheb in the Havan Geh. A thanksgiving Jashan was performed by six Mobeds, followed by a Humbandagi with the gathered devotees. Post the Jashan, the devotees partook the Jashan offerings of fruits and malido.

Over the last five years, Asha Vahishta Dadgah has catered to the religious and spiritual needs of inter-married Parsis and other Zoroastrians. It is a place of worship and venue solely for Zoroastrian social and religious ceremonies, such as navjotes, weddings, jashan, maachis, and the four-day obsequies funeral prayers for those who opt for burial or cremation, which non-Parsi family and friends can attend.

Asha Vahishta Dadgah has fulfilled the main aim of ‘inclusion’ by providing a dignified alternative to the Parsi/ Irani Zoroastrian families who were disallowed from entering other Zoroastrian religious places of worship, with a special focus on the inter-married Parsi population including their non-Parsi spouses, thus facilitating a family being able to worship together as a family.

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