It was the year 2005. There were requests from community members to connect with long-lost friends and relatives. There was no single resource to find someone in the community across the world. Facebook was an option with hit or miss possibilities. That is when was born.

The idea behind was to have a listing of Parsis / Iranis / Zoroastrians, globally, and make the list search-friendly, based on Name, Surname, City, Profession or any two of these parameters. So, you could look for the name / surname and location or just the profession and the location and you could find the person you are looking for.

Community members benefitted greatly using TheParsiDirectory – finding long-lost friends and relatives, a professional in another city (a Chartered Accountant in Mumbai or a Travel Agent in Delhi), finding a Parsi in a city you are proposing to visit, wanting to connect with someone when you are in an unknown destination or even looking for a Zoroastrian in a city where your child is going to study!

It was an arduous task. Starting with ads in newspapers, distributing physical forms in colonies and baugs, collecting directories from various associations, etc. Many questions were asked – ‘Will I be spammed? What about my privacy?’ It was assured there would be no spamming and the data would never be given out. The directory is only for personal use to find friends, family and others.

Over the last 17 years, there has been no spamming or invasion of privacy. Instead, there’s been innumerable cases of reunions with family / friends / neighbours, expressing deep gratitude. As the confidence of the community grew, individuals registered online with their own unique User ID and Password. Today, the directory has over 84,400 names and contact details of Parsis / Iranis / Zoroastrians across the world.

Making the site more informative, additional aspects were added, like News from Parsi Publications; Date / Roj Converter; Prayers; Food; Humour, etc. A whole new section on information of Institutions was also added ( 787 institutions including Agiaries, Baugs, Hostels, Dharamshalas, etc. are now listed and easily searchable.

With time, the demand for an App grew. Starting with an Android App ( the facility was also extended to iOS users (, with all features made available on the Apps too. is a valuable, FREE, resource enabling Parsis, Iranis and Zoroastrians to keep connected across the world. So, have you been counted? Register now and avail of all the benefits and resources and be part of the global community. Find and be found by community members across the globe in this unique, directory of Zoroastrians across the world!


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