Dadar Athornan Institute Celebrates Annual Day

The Dadar Athornan Institute (DAI) celebrated its Annual Day at its Mancherji Joshi Hall, on 17th December, 2022, after three years due to Covid. Dasturji Khurshed Dastur, President of the Athornan Mandal, presided alongside Chief Guest, eminent physician Dr. Beheram J. Bunshah, who was accompanied by wife Dinmeher, daughter Zenobia and granddaughter Zoe. Also present were Armaiti Tirandaz, Chairperson -BPP and Rukhshana Parelwala, Principal, DPYA High School.

The programme, conducted by students Ers. Farmaan Dastoor and Zhian Turel, commenced with a Humbandagi. In the stage programme that followed, Er. Cyrus Darbari, Jt. Hon Secretary and Trustee of the Athornan Mandal introduced and welcomed Dasturji Khurshed Dastur of Iranshah Udwada, extolling his stellar achievements and consistent efforts for the well-being of the community. He went on to introduce Dr. Bunshah, also honorary doctor of DAI for over 40 years, with great praises about his well-deserved prominence and respect commanded from all, in keeping with his kindness towards patients.

In his address, Dasturji Khurshed spoke highly of the Institute, exhorting students to excel in Mobedi as well as in religious knowledge. Talking about the decreasing number of students at the Institute, he mentioned a scheme which would give incentives to existing and prospective parents to admit their sons to the Institute (Pg. …).

Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia, Principal – DAI, next shared highlights of the report (2020 to 2022), speaking of the new normal of online school studies classes, Bhantar classes, tuition classes and even online parents meetings, Creative Workshops, Webinars and also an online Farewell Party for SSC students. He thanked the management, donors and community members for their support, especially the core staff members – Er. Kersi Karanjia, Kamal Karanjia, Er. Cyrus Sidhwa, Tehmton Dotiwala and Hoshedar Dotiwala.

Dr. Bunshah released the Institute’s in-house Magazine ‘Knowledgiate’, edited by Er. Cyrus Sidhwa. Alumni felicitations followed, where Er. Khushravi D. Palia received the ‘Rustomji N. Panthaki Outstanding Ex-Student Award, alongside twenty other awards, medals, trophies and cash prizes, for various activities like prayers, academics, religious studies and sports presented to students by Mrs. Dinmeher Bunshah.

Dr. Beheram Bunshah then shared a brilliant address, reminiscing his long association with DAI, as its physician as well as the doctor who established the Byramjee Medicare centre at the Institute. He emphasised the importance of communication skills. He conducted a fun and witty interaction with the students too, posing questions and giving away prizes for the right answers. Er. Cyrus S. Darbari gave the vote of thanks with floral tributes.

The program scheduled for later comprised a brief talk on Maratab by Er. Farmaan S. Dastoor and a short humorous skit explaining the significance of Chhaiye Ame Zarthoshti. The eve ended with the rendition of Chhaiye Ame Zarthoshti and the national anthem, followed by light refreshments. The Athornan Mandal and DAI ( extend thanks to all donors and supporters and request their continuing patronage.

Pics Courtesy: Bomsi Tavadia

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