Unleash Your Creativity In 2023

It’s Never Too Late To Realise Your Dreams!


Does creativity decline with age? This question has attracted much scientific research. Throughout life, we have output peaks and as we age, our output does tend to decline. But creativity and passion have little to really do with the progression of years.

What is creativity actually? Some think it’s a gift – something bestowed upon the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Mozart or Toni Morrison. But, creativity is a skill. And when skill gets driven by passion, it leads to a creative manifestation. As humans, we often create hindrances that stops the flow of creativity. We create external and internal barriers that limit our imagination and inspiration

As adults, we give excuses and reasons not to pursue our passions and creative interests, with people saying, “I am too old for this,” be it a piano lesson or donning those salsa shoes. But honestly, there’s no such thing as a person who is ‘too old’ to just try stuff.

As we mature, adults have a propensity to give in increasingly to fears, inhibitions and blocks. As children, we took chances, stepped out into the world for ourselves, fearless of an audience who would be quick to judge if we stumbled. As adults our greatest critics are unfortunately ourselves. We place too much value on the emotional cost of the ego deflation involved if we were to fail at something.

The moment we realise that creativity and passion should mainly be driven by self-gratification rather than any performance value, it will be the Eureka moment for all artists and creators. How does it really matter that the poem you scribbled down from the deepest recesses of your soul may perhaps not appeal or worse still be completely misunderstood by another? And what if that clay pot you so proudly perfected on that pottery wheel is all misshapen? It still holds that place of pride in your heart. That should be the learning curve for all manners of creativity.

Creativity has little to do with mastering stuff or perfection. Everyone is creative. Creativity is all about self-expression; we are all creative to some degree… even if singing in the shower is the closest you’ve ever gotten to fulfilling that dream of being an operatic singer! We are all composed of unique DNA material, bringing to this world, our unique imprint. If you’re in the habit of saying your life isn’t interesting enough, you’re denying your self-worth.

While not all can garner fame and popularity or capture the public eye, we can still live every moment of the life we’ve been given, doing our best. The first step is to let passion and creativity flow. When we honour ourselves with gratitude and self-worth, our existence automatically becomes meaningful.

A fulfilled life is a beautiful life. Learn to capture the little things that you are good at. Maybe it’s the meals you prepare for your family… maybe you’re a fab host… maybe you’re a solutions-finder! People have made a career of these simple acts as they help you lead a life of empowerment and self-appreciation. You can re-discover old dreams or find a new purpose to channelize your energy.  It is also the aspirations and inspirations that could be rekindled and ignited to follow new paths and goals.

Ageism should not be factored into diminishing our dreams. The end result of all creativity is not about accolades or recognition. It is about the Picasso moments that fuel your soul and not about being the next Picasso. The changes that ageing brings can spiral elders into depression and isolation. To age creatively, we need a flow of varied experiences, exploring new activities or reframing long-time interests from a fresh perspective. Expressive arts are known to engage our minds, bodies and spirits. A Washington university study shows that people engaged in the arts are happier and healthier. All adults need to believe that we are lifelong learners.

Ask yourself as a child, what did I yearn to do; play the piano, paint, solve puzzles? It is never too late to revisit old dreams to make way for new possibilities. To be creative is simply to yearn for something that offers up excitement, energy and joy. Here are a few simple ways to explore and develop your creativity:

Stop Depending On Others: When you learn to use your own resources without waiting for validation from others, that’s when your creativity will surge.

Believe In Your Dreams: It’s said that a man is as big as his dreams. You have to believe you have an amazing mind full of thoughts and ideas and you need to express them constantly.

Surround Yourself With Excellence: Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” It simply means good people learn their skills from better ones, and the better people learn from the best. It is about developing your creativity by surrounding yourself with potential. Talented people and rich experiences promote creativity.

 Find Creativity In The Simplest Things: Delegate an hour or two in your daily schedule to your hobbies. It could be gardening, collecting souvenirs, your stamp collection or your love for antics. Creativity is awakened by simple acts of pleasure.

Expand Your Comfort Zone: People are often stuck in their comfort zone and afraid to try new things. Shake up your life every once in a while. Try new things, experience new places, cuisines, and cultures. The wider your horizon, the greater your adventures with creativity!

Take A Little Time For Yourself: Tune off from the world and all that background noise. Take a couple of minutes daily to practice channelizing your inner self without distractions and disturbances. Most creative geniuses recommend meditation.

Most Importantly, Never Fear Failure: The fear that you may trip, make mistakes or worse, look like a fool, is all part and parcel of the creative journey. Commit to enjoying the creative process as much as the end result!


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