Karani Agiary Celebrates Glorious 176th Salgreh

The Seth N  Karani Agiary, at Cusrow Baug, Colaba, celebrated its 176th  salgreh on 1st February, 2023, with a Havan Geh Machi and  Jashan led by Panthaky of Karani Agiary, Er. Yazdi N. Aibara, alongside other mobeds of the Agiary. After the Jashan, Er. AIbara said a few words on Atash Padshah Saheb.

In the evening, Er. Farhad Yazdi Aibara performed a Huma Anjuman Jashan alongside other mobeds. Managing Trustee – Bomi Hansotia requested all to stand and offer homage to the dear departed souls of Wadia family, Karani Agiary family, Er. Aspandiar Dadachandji, Yazdi Desai and Mani M. Vajifdar. Trustee Homi P. Ranina then introduced the Chief Guest of the evening, Justice Sharukh Kathawalla [Retd.], who stressed that there was no need for youngsters to leave India and seek better prospects abroad, for now India was emerging as a global power, but moreso, it was here in India, that we can preserve our Agiaries and Atashbehrams. He then spoke highly of the Late Panthaky, Er. Nadarsha Naoroji Aibara, who served as Panthaky of Karani Agiary and was spiritually connected to Dasturji Kookadaru Saheb, and would give Kookadaru Saheb’s prayers to people who came to him for their problems.

The speaker of the evening, religious scholar – Dr. Ervad Pervez M. Bajan, Panthaky of Mevawalla Agiary, next addressed the gathering on the topic, ‘From Iran to India… But for the Faith and Unity’, throwing light on the Persian Empire, different Persian Dynasties and the exodus of Parsi/Irani Zarathushtis.

Bomi Hansotia felicitated Justice Kathawalla and Dr. Pervez Bajan, with floral tributes and words of praise. He also felicitated stalwarts of Cusrow Baug – Hoshaang Gotla, Founder of XYZ, for organizing a monthly Jashan and Hum Bandagi on every Avan Roj at Bhikha Behram Well and conducting XYZ programmes for young children for over 10 years. Mani Mody was also felicitated for conducting gratis sewing classes at Cusrow Baug, since many years.

Er. Yazdi Aibara, Panthaky, shared a few words on Atash Padshah Saheb and stressed that all parents should ensure to teach the Zoroastrian prayers to their children from an early age. Percy Siganporia, Trustee of Karani Agiary, shared a brief history of ancient Parsi textiles and weaving methods. The Baug’s children were gifted a silver coin of Karani Agiary along with goodies. The event ended with floral tributes given to guests and dignitaries.


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