Much Fun And Cheer At XYZ Games 2023

XYZ celebrated the fifth chapter of ‘XYZ Games’ and this year’s first intergroup competition on 29th January, 2023, at Cusrow Baug. The even saw the participation of over 200 excited participants, divided in 22 different teams, which participate in numerous games, including Obstacle courses, Net-the-ball, Water relay, Rounds of hunger, Let’s get ready to XYZ, and many more.


Children from ages 3 to 15 participated in this event. Each team had 6 participants, of which 2 were under the age of ten. Each team had to complete 8 bases and the team which procured maximum points on each base was awarded. These points were then added to the total group points, which would then declare the group winner. Each base was managed by the energetic XYZ Seniors, who have earlier participated in this event as participants themselves.

Two teams comprised tiny tots aged 3 to 8 years, who completed each base with as much enthusiasm and zeal as the rest and were awarded special prizes. After all the teams had completed the 8 bases, they had lunch followed by the prize distribution ceremony, where individual teams were awarded. The overall winners of XYZ Games 2023 were Ketayun’s Conquerors.

Each participant received an XYZ gift (a set of red, yellow, blue face towels) and XYZ XYROZ (i.e. XYZ currency which the children can earn and use to buy merchandise or participate in events). The event entailed much fun, laughter and sportsmanship in true XYZ style!

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