Thane’s Seth Cowasji Patell Agiary Celebrates 243rd Salgreh

   20th February, 2023 celebrated the glorious 243rd Salgreh of Seth Cowasji Patell Agiary, located in Thane. The trustees of the Thana Agiary Fund invited all Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian residents to partake of the celebrations. The evening programme started with a Maachi at the Agiary offered by Er. Adil Sidhwa at 4:15 pm, followed by the Salgreh-nu-Jashan at 5:30 pm, performed by Er. Behramshaw Sidhwa, Er. Adil Sidhwa, Er. Kersi Sidhwa, Er. Adil Dastoor, Er. Syamak Dastoor and Er. Mehernosh Dastoor. Thereafter, the programme continued at the Agiary grounds.

A Humbandagi by Er. Adil Sidhwa had everyone on their feet, praying together. Homi Talati – Chairman, Thana Agiary Fund gave the welcome speech, followed by the felicitation of Mobeds and Agiary staff.  Next came the much-awaited part of the program looked forward to by Zarthosti student of Thane – the Education Financial Assistance Scheme (2022-23), where grants were distributed amongst 43 students, from tiny tots in junior KG to graduates.

Chief Guest, Justice Shahrukh J Kathawalla (Retd) spoke about the importance of Adar Roj, Adar Yazad and the enthronement of the Padshah saheb at Thane’s Patell Agiary 243 years ago. He said though we were privileged to be born in the Parsi fold, one should not just bask in past glories, but take forward the vision of our forefathers to new heights. He spoke about giving importance to our religion and imbibing the same in our children, as well as the need to look after our priests – “No Priest, No Religion,” he emphasized.

Next, Bomi Boyce read out the vote of thanks and welcomed the Zarthostis present to dinner which was prepared by Benaifer and Parvez Sidhwa of Bee’s Kitchen.


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