Your Feelings Affect Your Life

Ancient Indian writer, Chanakya said (in 275 BC) that the good and bad quality of your life depends entirely on your feelings. He wrote that if you wanted to change your health, money or relationships, just imagine and feel the love of having it. Imagine every person, scene and situation you want to be in, and feel good about it as much as you can, because every moment of doing this will bring you closer to whatever it is you want.

Today’s self-help books echo the same thing in different words. They call it the ‘Law of Manifestation’ or the ‘Law of Attraction’ – a spiritual law which has existed ever since mankind! At the last Chiang-Mai Book-fair, I met a Japanese journalist who gave a very interesting lecture on this topic, with tips on how to put it in practice in daily life. She said that spending just five minutes imagining and ‘feeling’ what you want, will bring that person, thing or situation in your life. Do this daily and ‘feel’ as though you already have what you desire, as though, it’s always belonged to you, because it was meant for you. In some cases, your desire will manifest within a couple of days and sometimes, within months or years.

Here, I may add that everything comes to us in ‘Divine Order’, according to the great, immutable ‘Law of Karma’. If a person, place or thing is not in your karma, you’ll never get it and one has to accept it. But if a person or circumstance is meant for you karmically, it will find its way to you.

However, my Japanese friend disagreed and said that you have to be persistent, have faith and patience, which reminded me of Saibaba’s words, ‘Shraddha Aur Saburi’. Desire, plus the love you put into that desire and those feelings can and do manifest in life because the more love you give to those feelings, the faster you’ll receive what you want!

When you have a health problem, you have two choices. Either you get depressed and imagine the worst or you lovingly imagine and ‘feel’ that you’ll soon get over this setback and be your old self again. As you imagine the best, that’s what you’ll receive right back!

The human body has tremendous self-healing powers… if you cut your finger, thousands of cells will rush to that spot to form a mesh and prevent further bleeding. To be healthy, you have to first FEEL that you are WHOLE, God’s perfect child, in perfect health. Your physical self (health) will follow those feelings and you’ll be healthy. But if you keep feeling and talking about your problems, they’ll multiply because you are bringing them into your, consciousness.

If you say, “I have a back problem”, you are owning that problem. In saying, “I have diabetes”, you own diabetes. Feel healthy, talk only of good health and optimum health will follow. For optimum health, go to Doctor Sunlight, Doctor Long-walks, get out of that chair, get out of the house, go outdoors. Don’t laugh. These are really the doctors we all need to be happy in body and mind. Why? Because we are not just the food we eat. We are the books we read, the music we hear, the conversations we have, and these can and do enhance our life.

To enhance your life on a daily basis, read, write, go outdoors, interact with friends, indulge in creative pursuit, listen to music, do Yoga, meditate, spend time with Nature, support others on their journey, laugh and make others laugh. All these or at least some of these will result in good feelings and consequently, a good life. Soon, you’ll get so used to feeling good and you’ll be so aware of your feelings that if they dip, you’ll feel it and get yourself back to feeling good right away.

Everyone has to die one day. Death is just another journey to a new city in another dimension. Till then, we must experience all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of day to day living. You are supposed to ‘feel’ good and be happy most of the time, because you are meant to have an amazing life, and without good feelings (for yourself and others), there’s no other way you can receive it!

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