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A Little More… This Navroz!


Dear Readers,

This year, we celebrate so much more than the Festival of Spring, even as life as we knew it, regains a good part of that pre-pandemic normalcy we all craved so much, for three years… trying to find our feet amidst the struggles and heartaches, losses and fears, battles won and lost… and most importantly, lessons (hopefully) learnt through it all.
As we ready ourselves to welcome the sun’s vernal equinox – harbinger of the revitalising Spring season marked as Jamshedi Navroz, let us try to put in that essential ‘little more’ as our way of expressing gratitude for our blessed today.
Let’s clean a little more than our homes – let’s also clean our hearts and minds of all negative emotions and feelings we may harbour for others or ourselves… Let’s wear a little more than those new clothes, shoes and perfumes, let’s wear a genuine smile and scatter the perfume of kindness to warm a lonely or weary heart… Let’s greet more than just family and friends – let’s also extend our wishes to those long-lost acquaintances who could do with your grace… Let’s distribute more than just sweets, let’s give whole-heartedly of our love and compassion to those in need…
Let’s do more than that mandatory ‘visit to the Agiary’ on special occasions, let’s call on our places of worship more frequently, and partake of the divine energy which rejuvenates the mind-body-soul… Let’s pray for more than just our loved ones and ourselves – let’s take a moment to send blessings and prayers to those unknown, who are struggling today, as you once were… And let’s give more than thanks to God for our blessings – let’s give of our resources, our time and our emotions to those not-as-fortunate, because in doing so, we would have done a little of God’s work and a little more justice to the true essence of Jamshedi Navroz!
We hope that you will enjoy this bumper Jamshedi Navroz Special issue, which aims to infuse you with just a little more of that positivity, laughter and happiness! We heartily thank our advertisers for standing by us through the challenging times, and we are ever grateful to our well-wishers and ever-increasing happy tribe of readers across India and the world!
From all of us at Parsi Times – Jamshedi Navroz Mubarak! May the new orbit bring you just a little more of all that you desire!

– Anahita


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