Ava Yazad Nu Parab At Thane’s Patell Agiary Well

On 23rd March, 2023, the Thane Zarthostis gathered to celebrate the auspicious Ava Roj-Ava Mahino at the Patell Agiary, with a Jashan followed by a Humbandagi at the holy well of the Agiary. Zarthostis offered floral tributes, coconut, Dar-ni-pori and lighting the divo at the well in the morning. In the evening, the holy well was neatly decorated with floral torans all around its periphery, giving a resplendent look to the well. Er. Kersi Sidhwa and Er. Adil Sidhwa performed the Jashan at the Agiary, at 4:40 pm, which was attended by a good number of Zarthostis despite it being a working day.

After the Jashan everyone gathered at the Patell Agiary’s holy well where Er. Kersi Sidhwa led a Humbandagi to thank ‘Ava Ardvisur Banu’. This was followed by Er. Sidhwa blessing all present and their families with good health, with a request to maintain unity and continue receiving the blessings of Ava Yazad.

Godrej Sachinwalla, one of the members of the organising team, briefed the gathering on the usefulness of this holy well to the residents of the Patell apartment, saying that this being a 250-plu-year-old well was still supplying water through all seasons and hence everyone should take good care of it and avoid water wastage. The Zarthostis were then invited to a round of sacred chasni, light snacks and soft drinks. Overall, it was a blessed and memorable day for the Zarthostis of Thane.

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