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Dear Readers,

In recent times, a main cause for concern in our community is the increasing number of divorces and separations taking place between couples. For a minuscule community as ours, with population trends pointing towards imminent extinction, we are already struggling to simply stay afloat. While efforts are being taken to help increase the population, this trend of increasing divorces comes as an extremely disappointing bummer.

‘Irreconcilable Differences’ is cited as the main reason for most Parsi divorces. While this is an acceptable clause in cases of extreme incompatibility, these days couples seem more eager to quit a relationship, than to repair it. It all boils down to respect, or rather, the lack of it… a lack of respect towards another’s point of view if it’s not in line with ours, and a lack of respect for the blessed institution of marriage.

Respect is the cornerstone of all healthy relationships, more so, between couples… each partner needs to recognize that the other has different experiences and opinions, and they must support and nurture each other’s individuality as much as they celebrate their collective couple-hood. Where there is genuine respect for each other, there will be no unsurmountable ‘irreconcilable differences’. For those of us who know of couples undergoing such struggles, let’s give them hope and encourage them to seek resolutions through counselling, not the courts… for the sake of their own well-being as well as that of our community.

And speaking of respect, we dedicate this issue to International Women’s Day, which falls on 8th March. It’s a blessing belonging to a community where gender-equality has largely prevailed right from the get-go! Our community boasts of having some of the strongest woman leaders, and a progressive and highly successful female populace in India and the world over. But let’s face it – this wouldn’t have been possible without the support and the respect of our men, who ‘walk the talk’ of gender-equality… up until they see a woman driving a car! But seriously, unlike so many other communities, it is our utmost pride to proclaim that our women rose to the fore, not despite the men, but because of them! And this wouldn’t have been possible without the integral element of ‘respect’ ingrained in us all.

So, here’s wishing you a fun weekend and Happy Women’s Day to all!



– Anahita


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