Heartiest Congratulations to our Jamshedi Navroz Contest Winners, who sent in amazing verses and fabulous pics on the topics: ‘Top 3 Zoroastrian Traits’ and ‘Celebrating Parsipanu’! We thank all our participants for the overwhelming response received – truly an extraordinary display of great talent and enthusiasm! Here are our Top 5 Winning Entries and a few Special Mentions:

    WINNER 1: Merzaan Pagdiwalla


‘Can’t wait to eat more granny na haath nu Dhansak!’

WINNER 2: Saisha and Nyrah Irani

Saisha: Chalo Chalo! Khushali nu ses leyne Baug ma jaldi pugvanuch!
Nyrah: Thob ni, pehlla photo! Chal ave, camera ma joi ne mori jem motto smile aap!


Special Mention

By Kaiwan Elavia


“When I die, this is how I want to enter into His kingdom!!”

WINNER 1: Zinnia Patell Italia


The True Fabric Of A Zarathusthi!

Honesty, joie-de-vivre and a glossy touch of humanity –
Things that pile together to make a real Zarathusthi!
Honest to the core, swear but never steal,
In this world of cheats, honesty is a big deal!

The world recognises us as an honest community,
We are often labelled ‘virtuous’ and ‘models of dignity’.
Our lives are filled with smiles, cheers, joy and fun,
Why crib and waste time when masti can be done!

Eat, drink and jive – that’s a better way to live,
Share smiles and laughter, the better things to give!
A smile, a helping hand, share your good fortune liberally,
Making the world a better place by adding the dash of humanity!


WINNER 2: Meher P Sutaria 


Zoroastrians Have Amazing Traits!

Hi guys! Let’s just get this straight,
Zoroastrians have some amazing traits.
Most of those just can’t be missed,
Lavishing praise on Zoros, none can resist!

Petty ladies with a charming face,
Sashaying by with poise and grace;
Men aren’t behind, by any means,
These traits are inherited from our genes.

Affable and affectionate by nature,
Many hold positions of high stature;
In honesty and philanthropy, Zoroastrians stand tall,
‘Coz our wealth and bounties, we share with all.

Although Zoroastrians are sincere and kind,
An amusing trait does come to mind…
An alarming number of ‘masculine’ beings,
Are still tied to mama’s apron strings!!

On festive occasions, Navjotes or Lagan,
It’s a must to adorn our homes for Sagan,
With prayers in our hearts, donning classy attire,
We bow down to our ‘Atash’ – our holy fire.



WINNER 3: Bakhtawar Noble (Port Blair)


Pestonji Pavri!

Pestonji Pavri is our quintessential, eccentric Bawa,
Who pataos fatakris with his nonsensical lawara!
He rodomontades of his gargantuan appetite,
Polishing off a dozen eeda in just a few bites!
He is the uncrowned, unceremonious king of the Baug,
Spends the entire Sunday polishing his mechanical sweetheart – his old FIAT CAR.
His wife – Silloo – is the talk of the town,
Parading the Baug in her most fashionable nightgown!
She haggles with the vegetable guy to the last pence,
But what she ends up cooking remains a mighty suspense!




Special Mention

Sweet As Chaasni!

By Yasmine Katrak

Manashni Gavashni Kunashni…
A Zoroastrian is sweet as chaasni!
It’s easy to recognise one in a crowd,
They stand out tall and dressed proud.

Most are handsome but with a hook (nose),
Though a few twitch that mars the look!
Women prettier and smarter in every nook.

Suited and booted – designer Dagli to boast,
To Navjotes and Lagan to raise the toast!
Women in fancy Garas make good hosts!!

Universal brotherhood trait they possess,
Breathing peace and harmony in every stretch,
Aapro Tata, Aapru Godreji ne Aapru Desh!


[Winners are requested to email us at: editor@parsi-times.com to collect your gifts.]




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