Navroze Fanfare At Parsee Gymkhana

The early morning heavy showers and overcast skies till late morning played its part in raising alarm bells amongst the managing committee of Parsee Gymkhana although towards the evening it turned out to be a perfect evening, as 800 plus members and guests attended the traditional Jamshedi Navroze  function at the Gymkhana grounds.

The attendees were treated to a sumptuous spread by CaterInc, the Gymkhana’s in-house caterer as well as some lively dance music by DJ Dion.

Preceding the function, was the customary Jashan at 5:00 pm, performed by Ers. Marespan and Hormuzdiar Dadachanji in the badminton court, followed by an engrossing discourse on ‘Positivity In Adversity In The Zoroastrian Religion’, by scholar Er. Darayesh Katrak, who explained why prayers should be persevered with, and not abandoned, even in the face of initial failures. He also shared research conducted among various age groups which proved that prayers helped improve memory, will power and confidence, alongside boosting the immune system.

As always, the evening function was a big hit as everyone started out the Navroz on a note of fun, togetherness and positivity.


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