New Cutting-Edge Pilates Studio In Colaba

A brand new Pilates studio – ‘MD’s Pilates’, offering state-of-the-art Pilates equipment, including the Reformer with Tower, Wunda Chair and Arc/Spine Corrector was recently unveiled in Colaba. An initiative by Fitness experts Marazban Doctor and Madhuri Ruia, M D’s Pilates is a division of Movement By Design.

Each expert brings over two decades of rich experience as Fitness Gurus. Marazban Doctor is a Barefoot Training Specialist from EBFA, a Rehab Master Trainer from Rehab Trainer (Australian Physiotherapists Association), an Anatomy Trains Therapist practicing Structural Integration and has completed his Equipment Based Pilates Training from The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. Pilates expert Madhuri Ruia brings her invaluable 25 years of rich experience and success, having transformed the lives of hundreds towards better posture and overall health.

Pilates is a proven therapy to alleviate back pain/neck tension/ imbalances and other conditions stemming from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and postural issues arising from daily activities. It is suitable for all ages and fitness capabilities – including young adults, elite athletes, senior citizens as also those needing rehabilitation. Pilates technique focuses on strengthening the body’s core and unlike mainstream fitness it lengthens and strengthens muscles while integrating breath, diaphragmatic control and spinal alignment.

For a pain-free and enhanced lifestyle, and other queries, call: +91 93215 66102

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