Path-breaking Robotic Laser Surgery Offers Painless, Bloodless Cataract Removal As Well As Getting Rid Of Your Spectacles…



  Dr. Cyres Mehta stands consistently at the helm of all path-breaking, global advancements in eye care, setting higher standards, making breakthroughs, doing our Community and Nation very proud, with his numerous incomparable achievements.

He has numerous ‘Firsts’ to his credit in having conducted successful eye procedures or related to advancements in eye-care, which renders him one of the all-time greats of Ophthalmology in the world. His genius contributions have led to great strides being made in both – the advancements in the field of eye-care excellence as well as bringing much relief and comfort for those suffering with eye-ailments, thanks to his cutting-edge eye-treatments and state-of-the-art equipment, present in his swanky, sophisticated eye-care center, in Colaba – ‘Dr. Cyres Mehta’s International Eye Centre’.

One of the latest and most sought after treatments provided here by the multi-award winning icon of our community, is the Robotic Laser Cataract Surgery, which employs the use of a high-tech Laser Cataract System to melt the cataract in ONLY 30 seconds! This latest breakthrough is a boon for all suffering from cataract as it ensures the restoration of clear and sharp vision in just half a minute and is a painless and precise procedure.

The robotic cataract surgery is far superior to the conventional, manual cataract surgery performed mechanically, where even the most skilled surgeon would take at least 8 – 10 minutes. Guaranteeing greater efficacy, precision and sharpness, the Laser System melts the cataract with laser energy and converts it into many tiny pieces. Naturally sucking out these tiny pieces is faster, easier and less traumatic to the eye, than actually having to mechanically break the cataract into multiple pieces. The lens is centered better robotically than with the human hand because the system scans the eye and decides on the precise central point, much better than the human eye.

An increasing number of people who wish to be spectacle-free have also been successfully opting for the laser robotic cataract surgery. The lenses which are implanted make you completely independent of spectacles. As a matter of fact, these lenses are implanted robotically also for people above the age of 50 who have reading glasses, where a procedure, similar to the cataract surgery, is carried out, which again ONLY takes 30 seconds, after which they become completely free of spectacles!

The Robotic Laser Surgery is extremely safe especially for those with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Cardiac ailments. The system is tailormade to handle difficult cases – especially like hard cataracts as well as those whose eyes are compromised by high BP or high Sugar – as the healing process takes place much faster. Since the entry is made by laser, there is no bleeding.

For those seeking the best in eye-care ‘Dr. Cyres Mehta’s International Eye Center’, provides world class services and procedures, which have rendered thousands of happy patients under the expert genius of Dr. Cyres Mehta – the world’s leading and multi-award winning Ophthalmologist and icon of our community and our country!

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