Patient First Policy At Cumballa Hill Hospital

Cumballa Hill hospital was one of the first hospitals to pioneer angioplasty work in South Mumbai. Over the years, it established itself as a leading centre of cardiac excellence. This legacy has now been revived at ACI- Cumballa Hill Hospital by Dr. Nikhil Parchure – Director of Cardiac Sciences.

Dr. Nikhil Parchure underwent formal training in Cardiology and advanced training in Interventional Cardiology in London. A Consultant Cardiologist at Kings College Hospital, London since 2002, he is an expert at Complex Cardiac procedures including angioplasty, pacemaker implantation, and TAVI procedure. He established an advanced Cardiac Catheter laboratory at Cumballa Hill Hospital (GE IGS 520) with AI-based autoright technology, a first in western India. Catheter laboratory is complimented by HD IVUS, OCT, IVL and latest Rota-Pro equipment.

The Innova IGS 5 system is designed to support various procedures including Cardiovascular, Electrophysiology, Oncology and Neuro interventions. The proprietary angiography flat-panel detector offers industry’s highest ratings for Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), a parameter internationally acknowledged as an index of detector performance in clinical studies.

TAVI/TAVR PROCEDURE: Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is an advanced minimally invasive heart procedure to replace a thickened mal-functioning aortic valve done at the hospital. Post the procedure, you are kept under observation in the intensive care unit (ICU). On discharge, your treating team explains how to take care of your patient at home and gives next follow-up instructions. With the goal of ‘patient first’ and complete cure in mind, ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital’s team of doctors work dedicatedly to provide optimum care.

ACI Cumballa Hill hospital is the place to find brilliance coupled with treatment expertise, all provided with a humane touch.

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