The Metaphysics Of Avestan Prayers

The word ‘Metaphysics’ implies something that goes beyond the physical matter of our observation and experience. Avesta Prayers are Manthric compositions which have tremendous effects on the mind, our thinking, psyche, emotions and day to day life. Manthra is a path towards salvation – a secret and sacred key towards peace and bliss, particularly in the present time of evil and turmoil. Our sacred Avestan prayers are a powerful and dynamic arrangement of Manthras.

The word ‘Mantra’ comes from Sanskrit, meaning repetitive words that aid concentration – ‘Man’ means the mind and the root verb ‘Trae’ means to liberate. Hence, Mantra is that which liberates the mind from all types of bondages.

Our Avestan prayers are the golden key to the Cosmic horizon, a means of achieving liberation. Every word and sound in this Universe bears an acoustic wave-length; every utterance possesses a rhythmic vibration and carries a significant meaning to bring about a corresponding result. Throughout the living and the non-living world, we find patterns of recurrent rhythms in which everything exists in a state of continual vibration.

Oscillating and pulling, pulsating and dancing, these rhythmic patterns can be observed in the beating of the heart, circulation of the blood, inhaling and exhaling of our breath, recurrent formation of our cells and tissues, in the rhythmic movements of the oceans, the wave movements of sound and hypersonic vibrations, and in the vast Universe extending from solar systems to galaxies, right down to the smallest cell of an amoeba! Prayers have an effect on all these. Why??

Because, every Manthra of our prayers is a precise and condensed but extremely powerful entity. Praying is a physio-psychic and psycho-spiritual process of withdrawing the mind from the external world and concentrating on the spirituality within our corporal frame. It starts by calming the mind, which is like a drunken monkey, jumping from one useless thought to another. It is the mind that acts within the present, frames the future and rewinds the past. While praying, there’s no past and no future, just that moment of holy communion with God. The mind is calm. It no longer runs after the hallucinations of this shadow-play (Maya), we call ‘life’. Prayers help the scattered mind to achieve focus, one-pointedness, grounded, at peace, absorbing the idea of our super-consciousness that our powerful Manthras carry within them.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Try this simple experiment yourself for a week. Say your prayers without fail at bedtime just before you sleep. In the morning, chant prayers as soon as you open your eyes. See how your outward circumstances in life improve almost at once as though by magic. Just do it and see the magic!

Every individual has a complete and unique thought-wave according to his/her spiritual evolution. By repeated manthric caressing on the mental plane, the person’s own rhythmic thought-wave flows into the Cosmic vibrational flow. The mind expands into the super-conscious and there’s a brief union of the microcosm(man) and the macrocosm (God). This union is the ultimate goal of human life.

Human consciousness is, in reality, a collection of states like Jagrut (awake), Swapna (dream), Sushupti (meditative) and Turya (highest consciousness of being one with God). These states exist in our physical as well as subtle (astral or electro-magnetic) bodies. Each organ within us – like the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc – has a primitive consciousness of its own, performing functions specific to it. Even various systems like the digestive, reproductive, cardio-vascular etc. have primitive consciousness. Now the organ-consciousness is governed by system-consciousness which in turn is governed by the subtle-body-consciousness, which is why every disease starts first in the mind, can be seen in the aura, and much later, it manifests as a disease in the physical body like cancer, Aids or TB.

Prayers set up myriad positive vibrations in our subtle-body(aura) and our sub-conscious mind because prayer-manthras are of a specific spiritual energy-frequency. Over time, prayer Manthras override all other vibrations of systems and organs, and depending on the person’s karmic limitations, the great manthra-wave of prayers stills all other vibrations.

Mystics, healers and occultists heal themselves with prayers since their body-organs and systems vibrate at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spirituality represented by, and contained within, their prayer-manthra. Self-healing can be accomplished by concentrating prayers on certain ‘sick’ organs while visualising that organ bathed in white Cosmic (Divine) light.

At a deeper level, the sub-conscious mind can be energised and old crystalised thoughts can be transformed. Saying our Avestan prayers produces actual physical as well as subtle vibrations (energy) and coupled with healing intentions, one can heal oneself and others, since sound carries waves and intent influences positive results. Manthra is the secret key to emancipation. Prayers are not mere words. They are potent and an endless effort of many past lives if you are adept in them. The right Prayers and Manthras lead you to the path of salvation (Ravan-Bokhtegi).

The power of prayers transcends all other energies in the Universe because praying is a direct appeal to the creative force which melts with the Universal power of love. If you pray for yourself, you are selfish. If you keep asking God for material things, you are a beggar – such prayers are useless. But if you pray for others’ well-being, that prayer is sure to be answered. If you pray for people who have hurt you and actively harmed you, it becomes a blessing in your life because we are all one and what you wish for others, actually you are wishing for yourself. We are all one because all human beings on this planet, regardless of colour, creed, race, sex, nationality or religion, belong to ONE family i.e God’s family.

Hence, to pray that EVERYONE be blessed is the only REAL prayer which recaptures the one-ness of everyone with God. Remember how our Mamaijis and Bapaijis used to say, “Khodaiji Baddha Ney Sukhi Rakho.” This is because they knew the real meaning of prayers. There is no better way to improve ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically than to use our mental-energies in projecting them to others as prayers, kindness, love and harmony. When you pray for all of humanity, you automatically become kind, loving and harmonious. Otherwise, sitting with a prayer book in hand and mumbling your prayers ritually for hours while leading a selfish life, has no meaning whatsoever! So yes, dear readers, the choice is entirely YOURS!!


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