Thodi Si Lift Karade! How To Up Your Spiritual Quotient!!

Adil, a top-notch executive spends five minutes talking to the poor woman sitting beside his building, only to realize that she was a teacher before she fell on terrible times. This, after feeling sure he would be able to place her as a maid at his cousin’s place.

Farida takes time out to say something nice to the little girl selling flowers at the signal and even buys flowers. She loves to see the waif’s little smile. The girl timidly confesses that she looks forward to seeing and speaking with her.

Humility, compassion, happiness, responsibility, truth, honesty… the list goes on, contributing to the concept of Spiritual Quotient. At one time, it was all about EQ (Emotional Quotient) and before that, it was IQ (Intelligent Quotient) in the limelight. These days, SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is the buzz word – indicating a gradual and much needed shift from the Intellectual and Emotional, to the Spiritual.

You will find many articles that tell you to uplift your SQ, but it all starts with being true to yourself. Religiosity often gets confused with spirituality. Praying for hours daily and then being mean to people and animals or being self-centered will not lead you to the pathway to spiritual improvement. So, what constitutes spirituality? Connecting with people and the higher self at a humanitarian and soul level, rather than a more primal and basic physical level perhaps?  Spirituality begins with being a good human being. A good heart and pure thoughts in themselves, make you spiritual.

Three simple ways to understand and inculcate Spirituality:

  1. Focus on the greater good of mankind.
  2. Look at the bigger picture. Ignore the small, petty issues that refuse to let you move forward in your goals.
  3. Try to connect to a higher source that binds us all in the web of life.

A busy life, many goals and daily targets engage us at a basic level. Cut-throat competition, deals, bargains and the pressure to deliver surely sharpens our wits and acumen, improves our network and sphere of influence. But these can take us away from the essence of spirituality. The balance between the two is often found wanting. Either we become too ‘yang’ or too ‘yin’. Not able to stand up for oneself, not taking decisions where required or surrendering to lassitude and apathy, is not a friend of spirituality either.

If you truly wish to embrace the essence of spirituality then look at and learn from nature. When you see the lotus bud blooming, the morning dew on new leaves, the blue Nilgiris or snowcapped Himalayas, they are brimming with spirituality.. like Nature communicating and showing her resplendent beauty. Connect to something beautiful and pure as that. Being with and loving yourself and feeling good being a part of the world is also your sense of spirituality. Instead of making religion an anchor, make spirituality your anchor. Learning the life lessons your religion offers and using it in your lives, is spirituality. The world thrives on hope and faith today, and both are entwined. Spirituality should be that inner flame that shows you the way on those dark, black nights.

Paths to Spirituality:

  1. Read books by people who have walked the path of spirituality in its true sense, like Dr. Radhakrishna and Swami Vivekanand.
  2. Try to look beyond peoples’ class, creed and socio-economic status. Focus on the good in them and their true essence.
  3. Connect with Nature. Look and appreciate the beauty around you.
  4. Interact with animals – they are amongst the purest souls to be found.
  5. Meditate and work with your inner self.

When we start leaning towards spirituality, a feeling of compassion and love will be felt strongly. Nothing supersedes love in this world. It is the strongest weapon and can shape or change destinies. Once you start to act and work from a place of love, you will feel abundance in your heart and you will want to reach out to those who need help, a patient listening or a shoulder to cry on.

It is then that you realize that humans are born to fulfill a higher purpose in life, as opposed to being caught up in the daily rat-race. When we connect with each other from a place of care, love and humanity, the overall energy will change and make everyone amenable towards each other.

If you feel bliss in what you are doing, which helps in spreading love, joy, confidence and spiritual upliftment around you, then that is also spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual anchors are good to have. They help you set up the ultimate purpose of your living. Listening to music that takes you to a different realm and makes you feel the essence of this creation that you are part of, also becomes a feature of spirituality. We tend to chase this and try to find it by joining various organizations and listening to different discourses and lectures. However, it is important that you are ready to change.

Be happy and see how good you feel. Wipe a tear and feel the satisfaction in your soul. If you visit the temple, just sit and pray from the heart and forget everything and everyone around. Be different – in your thoughts, actions and behavior.

Being intelligent and emotional is not enough. We are God’s highest creation. Being spiritual in some form or the other will surely uplift our soul and make us rise as beautiful human beings. Living a life of love, compassion and goodness is the biggest bank balance you can have. There is no greater wealth than true laughter and true devotion and oneness with the universe. Connect to a higher source, energy or power that you believe in. If you only believe in self, then believe in your higher self to guide you and make you realize that each one of us comes to fulfill a purpose. And pursue that!


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