ZTFI – Championing The Cause Of The Community

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference…”


Established on 19th August, 2009, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI), the community’s leading non-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting and uplifting the less fortunate community members, has been spreading much smiles, relief and joy in the lives of our underprivileged. In addition to its philanthropic focus towards the poor, ZTFI has also been championing the cause of the community by supporting innumerable other causes.

Living up to its motto, ‘Community First’, ZTFI has been tirelessly and consistently been making a difference and adding value to the lives of innumerable community members. Spearheaded by Yasmin Mistry and Arnavaz Mistry, Team ZTFI comprises a team of dedicated volunteers who endeavour to bring succour to the needy by supporting them through all their needs – material and emotional.

The most popular program for the beneficiaries is the monthly ‘Feed-A-Family’ programme, which caters to the needs of over 500 under-privileged Parsi/ Irani individuals, providing daily requirements of rations including food supplies like rice, pulses, sugar, tea, as well as items of daily use like washing powder, toothpaste, etc. Entertainment programs help boost the morale through Birthday celebrations, playing games, musical entertainment, etc. Other programs include Medical Aid, Monthly Monetary Scheme, Educational Aid, Senior Citizens Support; Youth Programs, etc.

Some of the activities include ‘Not So Young, Not So Old’ entertainment for seniors, field trips to religious places, Ghambars, ZAAN (Zoroastrian Achievers Award’s Night), organising matrimonial platforms like ‘Soul Mate’, organising Navjote ceremonies, helping towards educational and medical expenses, providing doles, and much more. ZTFI recently launched yet another, brand-new, ‘For the Community and By the Community’ initiative – the much needed ‘ZTFI’s Helpline: 909-909-6874’, which proved to be doubly advantageous, benefitting both – community members in need of support, as well as those who wished to do community service and help fellow Zarthostis in need.

Through the past few years of the dreaded pandemic, which impacted the lives of so many, ZTFI again rose to the occasion, providing immense and timely support in the form of medical aid, medical reimbursements as well as monetary funding, with money being deposited into the accounts of beneficiaries to ensure they were not left helpless through these challenging times. This was in addition to the monthly rations – ZTFI supported every beneficiary in need and managed to get the job done, in adherence with, and despite, all the limitations they had to work with.

In keeping with the excellent service rendered by ZTFI, the donors continue to contribute towards all these crucial causes supported by ZTFI. Donors are provided 100% transparency as regards the details of the deployment of funds, thereby cultivating a deeper sense of trust.

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