BZJC Holds Ava Yazad Parabh Function

The Ava Mahino-Ava Roj Parabh function, organized by the Bombay Zoroastrian Jashan Committee (BZJC), started with a Jashan at Radio Club pier at 5:30 pm on 23rd March, 2023 with a Jashan conducted by twelve Mobeds, presided over and led by Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, followed by a Humbandagi also led by him, after which Chasni was distributed.

Compere Zarine Commissariat welcomed the gathering which included BPP Trustees – Hoshi Jal, Xerxes Dastoor and Viraf Mehta, and announced that the ceremony could be watched later on YouTube or Google Meet (under ‘Ava Yazad Parabh Celebration’). Monajats were sung by Jamshed Kotwal. The dias was graced by Vada Dasturji Khurshed, Er. Cyrus Darbari and Kersi Limatwalla, who commended how this Ava Yazad Parabh function had been ongoing for fifty years, paying respects to the water divinity – Ava Ardavisur Banoo. He shared how water harvesting was practiced ages ago by Zoroastrians in Gujarat villages in ground tanks called ‘takas’ and used all the year round.  He emphasized the need to respect Mother Nature.

Next, Vada Dasturji Khurshed started his speech with gratitude for being able to gather for this function after three years of the pandemic, paying respects to those lost to this calamity, and expressing thanks to Ahura Mazda, the Yazads, Ameshaspands and Ava Ardavishur Banoo for blessing us with a healthy life. He said it was our duty as Zoroastrians to revere and attune ourselves with nature, and concluded with the request to understand our religion with an open mind.

In his speech, Er. Cyrus Darbari spoke on the significance of Jashan ceremony, its blessings, and other prayers, and how Ahuramazda has delegated the seven Yazads to preside over different elements (Adar Yazad – Fire; Ava Yazad – Water; Tester Tir Yazad – Rain; Meher Yazad – Justice; Behram Yazad – Victory; Ram Yazad – Peace) and their presence in all Jashan prayers. He also spoke about Barsam – the inner liturgical ceremony.

Giving the vote of thanks, the gracious host, Zarine thanked the speakers, the donors, volunteers, and all others who helped with making the function a grand success, as also all the visitors. She expressed thanks to the Trustees of Bombay Zoroastrian Jashan Committee for organizing and sponsoring this event and to Kersi Limathwalla, the Chief Coordinator and the driving force behind it. The evening ended with the rendition of Chhaiye Hame Zarathoshti and the National Anthem.

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