From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

‘WAPIZ Helping Hands For Seniors’ Project – The Need Of The Hour

Dear Readers,

A universal truth of life is that one can never be too kind – each of us, immaterial of our individual standings, is struggling at some level or the other. When we express kindness – in words and deeds – it goes a long way in alleviating those seemingly unsurmountable burdens, bringing much relief, especially to those who are at a more vulnerable stage of life.

Which is why, one cannot but give kudos to the excellent, need-of-the-hour community service that is being rendered by the ‘WAPIZ Helping Hands For Seniors’ project, conceptualised and implemented by WAPIZ Trustee – Karryesh Patel, with active support from fellow Trustee and Community Service stalwart – Anahita Desai, alongside Team WAPIZ. They have been catering to the cause of the helpless elderly of our community, ensuring that they are able to live their senior years in convenience and with dignity.

What’s more, this project also provides an entry-point for those wishing to partake of community service. Parsi Times is delighted with the overwhelming response received to the articles published in the past weeks, about ‘WAPIZ Helping Hands For Seniors’ project, with community members calling in to volunteer for this noble cause. Looks like this project, which may have started as a small ripple of kindness, is set to turn into a tidal wave of benevolence! And it couldn’t be a day too soon! A brilliant initiative by Team WAPIZ – deserving of our support, appreciation and of course, our participation!

Have a lovely weekend!


– Anahita

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