From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

And We’re Twelve!

Dear Readers,

It brings me great joy to share with you that your favourite publication completes twelve very fulfilling and meaningful years, this weekend! Parsi Times’ journey has indeed been one filled with service, satisfaction and pride, having started out in 2011, to quickly become the voice of the community.

We are privileged, that we have now, for a dozen years been serving the needs of the community, and our community is better informed and more engaged in community affairs because of it. PT has also lived up to a higher purpose than transmitting the week’s events – we take our responsibility to bring the news to thousands of Zoroastrians worldwide, and sharing your stories, very seriously. Over the years, PT has led from the front as a community weekly, having taken on the role of an institution dedicating to reflecting and influencing the life of a whole community, with a moral responsibility towards it.

And we have you – our readers to thank for the success of Parsi Times as the community’s leading news-weekly – in terms of reach as well as content. Nothing means more to us at PT than your readership and support. We are especially proud to share, that through the pandemic, Parsi Times continued providing copies in print when permissible, and free Digital E-papers to all, while maintaining content integrity – qualitatively and quantitatively, in keeping with the community’s heightened need for news and connectivity, during such times. And we were richly rewarded for our efforts – our digital and physical reach has substantially increased our reader-base nationally and worldwide!

We take this auspicious occasion to reiterate our promise and our mission to serve the community and continue being its voice. We thank our readers, advertisers and all our well-wishers for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita

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