Meheryan Parabh Celebrated At M J Wadia Agiary

After a 3-year hiatus, the Meheryan Parabh was celebrated at MJ Wadia Agiary, Lalbaug, with much gusto, celebrating fifteen glorious years of the Structured Religious Course. Panthaki Er. Kersi Bhada performed a 12-Mobed Jashan, after which the young and old joined hands in Humbandagi.

The programme, themed: ‘Happiness… A way of Life’ was compered by Roxane Desai. Kersi Limathwalla’s questions – “Who doesn’t want to be happy?  But are we really happy?” led to his explanation of the lack of happiness because of expectations exceeding our fulfilments.

Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia emphasized that Happiness needed working for and that Zoroastrianism advocates happiness, and how one could derive the attributes of happiness from our seven Ameshashpands.

The highlight was the KBC Quiz Show with Quiz-Master Er. Darayus Desai, who ably amalgamated the adult teams with the kiddies teams of the ZoroKids Class. The function concluded with floral tributes, a vote of thanks and the rendition of ‘Chhaiye Hame Zarthosti’ by Jamshed Kotwal, and food by Jimmy Caterers.

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 (Courtesy: Roxane Desai)


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