New Martab Ordained At Sodawaterwala Agiary Continues Legacy

On 4th April, 2023, (Govad Roj, Avan Mahino), the auspicious Vendidad ceremony was performed by Er. Arzan Pervez Karanjia, the newly ordained Martab of Mumbai’s Sodawaterwala Agiary, situated at Marine Lines. He was guided by his father Er. Pervez Behramsha Karanjia and Er. Adil Bhesania.

Er. Pervez Karanjia has providing Boi-walla services and is the Panthaki of Sodawaterwala Agiary for the last twenty years and has rendered his services as a priest for over four decades. Er. Arzan has been serving as a full time Mobed and Boi-walla in Sodawaterwala Agiary for a year now, and Er. Adil Bhesania serves as a full time Mobed and Boi-walla in Mumbai’s Wadiaji Atash Behram, situated at Marine Lines.

Having completed his Navar ceremony in 2009, Er. Arzan Karanjia mastered the Navar prayers yet again under the able guidance of his father Ers. Pervez Karanjia and Adil Bhesania. The ceremony was performed in remembrance of his great, great grandfather Late Er. Faramji Shehryarji Karanjia at Sodawaterwala Agiary itself. The Vendidad ceremony during Martab initiation was performed in honour of Late Osti Perinbanoo Karanjia (grandmother).

Er. Pervez and Zinobia Karanjia, the proud and delighted parents of the newly ordained Martab Er. Arzan, express deep gratitude to Ahura Mazda and all the divine energies, the dearly departed family elders for their blessings, the Trustees of Sodawaterwala Agiary and their supporters and friends.

We wish Er. Arzan Karanjia all the very best as he now looks to perpetuate the family legacy of priesthood by serving the Atash Padshah Sahebs of Mumbai’s Sodawaterwala Agiary for a lifetime.

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