Shahaan Tavadia Rides The San Francisco Wave!

13-year-old Shahaan Tavadia, Phoenix, USA, took on the daunting 2-day swimming challenge in the open waters of San Francisco Bay, completing the swim from Alcatraz to the Pier, and across the Golden Gate Bridge, on 10th April, 2023.

On the first day, the 1-4-mile swim commenced from Alcatraz Island to the Pier, continuing onto the second day, spanning across the Golden Gate Bridge at a distance of 1.2 miles. Around 70 participants between 10 to 60 years of age took on the swimming challenge, known for its deadly currents, chilly waters, and even marine life, making it a formidable task even for experienced swimmers.

Shahaan, a seasoned swimmer, has been honing his skills in the pool for six years now, having started his swimming journey at a young age, dedicating countless hours of hard work and determination to improve his technique and endurance. Despite the challenges, he fearlessly dove into the frigid waters, powered through the currents, staying focused and triumphantly completed these swims.

During the first race, Shahaan was unfortunately swayed by the currents to a different location. However, the young-gun quickly assessed the situation and decided to swim back along the coastline line, until he finally reunited with his swim team. It was indeed a moment of joy and pride for Shahaan, his family and his coaches. Kudos to Shahaan and here’s to many more achievements!

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