The Irresistible Poetic Charmer!

With Instagram and Facebook playing cupid and matchmakers in recent times, the world and all the giddy girls in it are constantly falling for looks and profile pics – all photo-shopped and filtered to make even the most ordinary looking appear nothing short of a gorgeous celebrity! During these long hours of scrolling Instagram feeds, you daily come across a good measure of what seems like ‘ideal’ men and women. But a word of caution to our easily excitable youngsters – all that glitters is not gold. Much like that costume jewelry and those fake baubles, the glitz and charm wear off just as easily.

You may want that guy who is a little taller than you, with that slight stubble, and that sharp personality in his Armani suit to also be funny and kind, responsible and generous. I say look for that person who is Poetic. And by this I don’t simply mean someone who can rattle off Byron and Keats at the drop of a hat… though honestly, that could earn him some serious cookie points. I mean someone who sees the world differently, who has a unique blend of an old soul sprinkled with enough spice and mischief to light up your world… Someone who can spin a tale and make you laugh often and hard. To do this, he needs to be a wordsmith, with latent charm and ubiquitous flair. Or someone who takes the ordinary and makes it spectacularly extraordinary. A way with words that can charm birds off trees.

There’s always something different about poetic peeps – like a unique presence. They are creative, they tend to get under your skin and leave you wanting more… more of their time, more of their quirkiness. Their active minds and glib tongues create conversations in rooms where the flow is easy and always interesting. Their way with words, the way they construct and deconstruct sentences, leave you amazed and spellbound. Theirs is a mastery over language and literature. Poetic people are deep thinkers, philosophers and oftentimes, the true charmers of the world.

Don’t go around looking for that stereotyped image of a poetic charmer, which unfortunately, the media and television has painted. He is not going to appear with long hair, moody blue eyes, a book in hand and a classic beret on his head. His appearance may not seem otherworldly per se, but there will always be a distinction that catches your eye and somehow fits the personality in some weirdly accurate way. They may not satisfy the picture inspired by movies engraved in your mind, but they do carry a unique persona.

This breed of poetic charmers has something that makes them irresistible. They seem to have a thirst for knowledge and a keen eye for details. They are connoisseurs of finer things, sophistication and enlightenment. They process information differently and make everything appear bigger, better and somehow more colorful. They thrive on history and facts and can narrate classic stories with their own spin making the boring interesting. They proceed with anecdotes and details that not many would know. Theirs is a world of words and communication that make even the mundane more interesting.

Theirs are conversations ranging from monuments worth visiting, world leaders and their defunct policies, to concepts of happiness and abundance. They can dance between topics and different groups of people with smooth ease. They challenge you to go beyond your way of thinking and questioning.  They make you realize that black is a colour too, and sometimes justice should be above the law.

Poetic thinkers thrive in nature. They love being surrounded by greenery and you will often see them leaving city limits even if only for a weekend. They love stargazing and the great outdoors, farm animals and birds. The quiet sound of silence, and the tranquility of stillness have a dear place in a mind that wanders a lot and roams the wide world. Their souls connect to nature anchored by the peace there.

The truth is that the man of our dreams is poetic, as intimidating as it sounds. Being a Don Juan with the words, showing their uniqueness through their inimitable style, interesting insights, extraordinary conversations all pretty hard to resist. The honest truth is that it would be far easier to spot a unicorn than find one of these romanticizing individuals!

Since the genesis of movies, our favourite characters are eloquent, elegant and distinguished from anyone else featured in them. We love the notion behind their characters, even if it all seems a little out of reach. The difference is even when poetic people appear to be elusive, we still like to believe they truly exist. It’s irresistible to see one of your fantasies come true before your eyes. So, when you meet one you were already infatuated with them long before you even met them. You fall for them twice and that, my dear, is irresistible!

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