Third Eye Activation: Seeing Beyond The Visible

The third eye, from a spiritual perspective, is the Agya Chakra or the third eye chakra. There are basically seven chakras in our body where nerve points meet. The Agya Chakra is called the energy chakra, located in the middle of our eyebrows. It is the pineal gland located in the center of our brain. This point in our bodies is associated with the ability to perceive things beyond the five senses, also known as intuition. The third eye gives you the ability to know things beyond the ordinary. Opening up your third eye can also unlock your psychic abilities. The Agya Chakra is connected to the body’s pituitary and hypothalamus gland. Our brain emits different waves when it experiences different things.

To understand the third eye activation, we need to understand Alpha waves. Alpha waves are emitted when we experience calmness, relaxation and deep joy. Alpha waves are calmer vibrations and, in some cases, can even act as a sonar. Dolphins are known to possess a high level of Alpha wave function and therefore can navigate very easily in the sea. In children the pituitary and the hypothalamus glands are quite tender, which in turn helps them to be more perceptive and intuitive than adults. As we grow older, calculus deposits around these glands, causing them stiffen, thus reducing the chances of alpha wave emissions.

Third eye activation has fascinated a lot of people. Psychics, healers, gurus, yogis have managed to open their third eye effortlessly. But for us common folk, who want to experience joy and calm, there are a few methods that can help. Meditation is one of the routes propagated. Then, of course the ancient spiritual practices of Nadi Shodhan Pranayana and Padma Sadhana or breathing practices, also help to relax our minds and align with nature. To calm the mind is primary, brain function improves exponentially with that, and alpha waves are emitted as a result. Due to this, we experience more focus and awareness on the tasks we are doing. This continuous awareness activates the third eye.

People who regularly experience third eye activation feel a change in the way their breath flows. Usually, our flow is haphazard and it either flows from the right or the left nostril. People who have experienced third eye activation feel that their breath is very deep and centered.

So, what are the benefits of third eye activation? Alpha wave emission leads to the mind becoming calmer and more focused. Whether you are a student, businessman, artist or spiritual seeker, they all can experience a positive change in their life and life activities. One achieves better attention span. This greatly improves all aspects of one’s life. Their attention to details and focus also improves greatly. Your senses become shaper, which in turn provide a heightened awareness of what is happening in and around us. Your sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing is all amplified.

When you initially practice Agya Chakra activation, it can cause great irritability and anger. But it is important here to note that it is only the clearing of emotional baggage accumulated over years. It is a sort of clearing and cleaning process for the body, mind and soul. Once these emotions subside, you feel at peace and a sense of calm beyond what you have ever experienced before.

With third eye activation there is a deep sense of devotion that washes over the human spirit. Usually, people claim that devotion is an experience of the heart and focus is the ability of the brain. However, when the Agya Chakra activates, it leads to the experience of real devotion. It is directed mainly towards an art form, a subject, or a practice but again most of the time it is directed towards divinity.

The benefits of third eye activation are immense. The immediate effect of opening our third eye is that our intuitive center can perceive fields of energy that our physical self cannot sense. This energy field is vibrations charged by our thoughts, intentions and emotions. With the third eye activation, we understand how connected we are on an energetic level. Our energies affect us and others around and in turn we get affected by theirs as well.

The third eye helps us with a deeper realization that rises to the surface through an extra perception also known as inner knowing. Our intuition is an expressway to realization. We understand that we are not just our bodies or physical self. The awareness allows us to become more equanimous with our experiences and in turn our suffering as well.

The third eye helps you to access planes of higher consciousness. Intuition is an eye that opens us to a world of spiritual and universal wisdom. We can connect with guides and helpers to assist us on our path. Whether it is through divination asking for guidance, or receiving healing and support energy transference. Guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters – all become directly accessible.

We learn that Love, Peace and Joy are not found outside us. We keep seeking external sources to bring us more happiness, joy and peace but with intuition comes the knowledge that all joy springs from within. Third eye awakening generally helps you to surrender to the depths within. Our intuition always directs us to drift into the field of compassionate contentment. To open your third eye is to shatter your beliefs and education. It is only then that one can arrive at this graceful place which is the foundation of all truth.


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