It’s Never Too Late

Dear Readers,

Often, we come across people who are very religious – they live up to every prescribed directive and all the
guidelines set by their religions, and yet seem very wanting on a spiritual level. What that means, is that while
they’re up to mark on all religious diktats, they lack basic humane traits, like compassion or helpfulness or
open-heartedness. They could be awarded doctorates in all things religion, but struggle at the kindergarten
level in spiritual schooling. That’s ironic, considering the very purpose of religion is to bring you closer to
How very fortunate we all are to be born into a religion, who’s very fundamentals – Good Thoughts, Good
Words, Good Deeds – ensure the introduction and progress of our spiritual journeys! In addition to being the
oldest monotheistic religion in the world, Zoroastrianism is not just a powerful religion, it also facilitates an
extremely empowering, life-long partnership with the Divine – which is the very basis of spirituality. It acts as
our constant companion through this enriching journey, making us better humans, and in turn, collectively
uplifting humanity itself. This is probably why, despite our minuscule numbers, we are respected and admired
across the world as philanthropists, pioneers, business magnates and more.
Unfortunately, some of us, especially our youngsters, embrace this empowering, protective and guiding light a
bit later in life, when they have had to ‘resort to’ a higher power for divine intervention, when they find
themselves in situations out of their control. And yet, no one, who has come asking for help – with the right
intention, and for the right cause – has been turned away or has returned without their prayers being
answered. It’s never too late. That is the unconditional and friendly nature of our glorious religion.
What’s amusing and heartening is, even if you’re a sceptic, but are following our basic three tenets and living
your life as a good person – one that is productive and empathic and helpful – you’re still living out this
magnificent religion, in principle!
In times as these, which most priests, sages and enlightened souls refer to as ‘ghor kalyug’ or the darkest
period of humanity, it would serve us all well to seek mental, emotional and spiritual refuge in our powerful
prayers and manthras, which have been proven even scientifically to help ward the burgeoning negativity in
the world. Like they say, the proof is in the pudding… to see the magic, all you have to do is give it an honest
try. It’s never too late!
Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita

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