Rustom And Kayan Patel Win Top Spot At Motorsport Endurance Event

Rustom And Kayan Patel Win Top Spot At Motorsport Endurance Event


 45-year-old veteran motorcycle-racing champ, Rustom Kersi Patel, and his nephew, 22-year-old Kayan Zubin Patel, both residents of Rustom Baug (Mumbai), continued the family tradition of winning accolades in motorbike racing, having secured first place in one of the toughest endurance events – the ENDURO X-version 90-4x, which was held on 14th May, 2023, in Palghar District (Maharashtra) at BAR – a ranch based in the outskirts of Mumbai, with technically designed tracks for learning Enduro, Flat Track, Dirt Track And Natural Trails.

The Enduro X -Version 90 -4x’ is a format of the motorsport designed by AOM (Academy Of Motorcycling) in which a solo rider or a team of riders need to make maximum laps, in a given time on a controlled off-road track. This race explores the rider’s endurance level, and helps the rider understands how his motorcycle can perform better and how team effort makes one win. A team can also comprise 2 – 4 riders sharing a single motorcycle (changing riders timely) as also solo riders (called Iron-Man), maximum laps in the given time.

Of the 21 participants of this format, Rustom Patel and his team-mate Kayan Patel attempted this race as a 2-rider team format, and completed an amazing 109 laps in only 90 mins, thus winning the top spot! Speaking with Parsi Times, Rustom Patel shared his thrilling experience: “90 gruelling minutes of endurance riding was one hell of an experience, and it was amazing to see all participants surviving the full 90 minutes. This was our first ever endurance race at BAR. We were a 2-rider team, with my super talented and daring nephew Kayan Patel, who provided a great start by leading from the get-go! The bike really performed well, thanks to Castrol for the amazing 10W 30 Castrol Power1 Ultimate engine oil, that took all the heat and beating continuously from 2 riders.

We had to be fully focused while keeping in mind a number of things including keeping the bike safe, ensuring smooth overtaking and bike safety, staying with the strategy, conserving stamina and ensuring the rider exchange took place at the correct time and place. At all times, we made sure we were in full control and not overdoing it. Sometimes we had to get off throttle to avoid crashes right in front of us. Also, when the track was not visible, due to the heavy dust, we just trusted our instincts and kept riding. It was crucial that we maintain patience and stay at the same speed till the finish line – because the most important thing to remember is that to be a winner, you have to cross the finish line! Our Team was Ajmera Racing India 35 Rules Powered by Castrol Biking. A huge thanks to Ajmera Realty and Infra India Limited for the support.”

Kudos yet again to the Patel men for doing the community repeatedly proud!

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