Cusrow Baug’s Annual Dae-Mahino Jashan

 The Cusrow Baug United Sports and Welfare League (CBUSWL) held its annual Dae-Mahino Jashans on 27th May, 2023. As is the practice, two Jashans were conducted – one at Cusrow Baug’s ‘Power Gym’ and the other, at the Pavilion.

Over seventy residents attended the Jashan ceremonies, following which an encouraging session of acknowledgment for children was held, where those ordained as ‘Navars’ were felicitated, and a special mention of the children from the Baug’s Prayer Class, as well as those who had recently had their Navjotes performed.

 Next, everyone enjoyed the fun game of Housie enjoyed by a crowd of over two hundred enthusiastic residents and guests. The auspicious and fun eve concluded with dinner. May the Jashan ceremony bring prosperity and shower good health on the Baug residents and to all Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians across the globe.

[Courtesy: Kerfegar Eduljee]

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