Iranian Museum of Graphic Design Housed in Arbab Hormoz Mansion

The Iranian Museum of Graphic Design is the first museum in Asia that is dedicated to graphic design. Placed in ‘Arbab Hormoz Mansion’ in Tehranpars, Tehran, the collection of this museum holds everything related to the history of Iranian graphic design. It houses collections of works from famous graphic designers from Iran and abroad from over the past century.

The historical relevance of the Arbab Hormoz Building is noteworthy as it was the erstwhile residence of a prominent Zoroastrian philanthropist named Hormoz Arash (aka Arbab Hormoz). A political figure during the Pahlavi era, Arbab Hormoz was born in Khairabad, in Yazd. He is known for several great infrastructural developments including police stations, health clinics, schools, etc.

The building was constructed in the style of Qajar mansions, with elevated columns and an exquisite hall adorned with fine plasterwork. It was registered as a national monument in 2005, further emphasizing its historical and cultural significance in Iran. It transitioned into a Museum with the passing of Arbab Hormoz in 2014. Though the mansion was earlier surrounded by a 100-hectare pomegranate orchard, only four hectares remain today. The building remains in the possession of Arbab Hormoz’s heirs and hosts numerous art exhibitions through the year, showcasing the work of local and international graphic artists.

Whether you’re an art lover or a history enthusiast, the Arbab Hormoz Building, now Tehran’s Graphic Museum, offers an engaging experience, blending Iranian history, culture, and contemporary art into one compelling visit.

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