Parsi Pride Brigade

  1. Peachy Pearl!

Pearl Arzan Singpurwalla, from Bombay Scottish School, secured 97.16% in the ICSE examination, scoring 100% score in Math, Biology, History and Physical Education. Pearl has won the Audrey D’silva prize for essay writing and stood second at the DSO Throwball Championships representing her school. She is fond of dancing and has won various prizes at inter school festivals in solo and group performances. She cares deeply for animals and is currently pursuing her ISC from Cathedral and John Connon School, with Psychology and Business as her majors.


  1. Zesty Zayan!

Zayan Gandhi notched 93.5% in his SSC Board exams, scoring 98%, 97% and 96% in Math, Science and Social Studies, respectively. A student of Bombay Cambridge School, Zayan also received the Times of India ‘Student of the Year Award’ and ‘The Best Scout Award’ last year. His hobbies include travelling and playing cricket. He has chosen the Science stream as he looks to making a career in the Aviation sector.

  1. Terrific Tania

Tania Pariboz Mazdiyasni, from J B Vachha High School, Mumbai, secured 90.6% in the ICSE Boards. The daughter of proud parents – Parvin and late Pariboz Mazdiyasni, Tania won the trophy for Overall Excellence in Academics and Sports at school. She has opted for the science stream, en route to a successful career in the Pharmaceutical field. 17 June 2023 Issue, Volume 13- Issue 10,

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