Perin Bhiwandiwalla Celebrates 99th Birthday At WZO Senior Centre

 On 1st June, 2023, the WZO Senior Citizens Centre (SCC) in Navsari, organized a special event to celebrate the 99th birthday of their esteemed resident, Perin Bhivandiwala, (or Perin aunty as she is fondly addressed) in honour of her of her longevity and to wish her a happy and healthy life. The management, staff and all residents came together to express their heartfelt wishes and appreciation for her.

The Centre, adorned with festive decorations including a special birthday banner dedicated to Perin aunty, exuded a vibrant atmosphere adding to the joyous occasion. The cake cutting ceremony was the highlight of the celebration, as all present shared heart-warming tributes acknowledging her wisdom, kindness, valuable contributions to the community and her remarkable life journey.

 Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday with the best of health and happiness to dear Perin aunty, as she embarks on her 100th year, and kudos to the management and staff of the senior center for their efforts and initiatives which not only provide excellent care-taking of the residents, but also nurture the strong bond and camaraderie with the staff.

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