Anainah Adajania’s Arangetram Journey

Anainah Adajania’s Arangetram was held on 2nd July, 2023, at the Tata Theatre, NCPA in Mumbai, under Guru K. Kalyanasundaram’s excellent choreography which showcased her strengths as a solo performer. For the uninitiated, Arangetram is the debut on-stage performance of a former student of Indian classical dance and music that follows years of training in classical music and dancing. Anainah’s Arangetram comprised eight dances, an amalgamation of the three elements of Bharatha Natyam – Nritta (rhythmic dance movements and complex footwork), Nritya (communication through hand gestures and facial expressions) and Natya (a perfect combination of both).


Anainah’s dance teachers took their skill much further by choreographing a Parsi Monajaat – Khudavind Khavind, a devotional song sung by Parsi families at night, expressing their adoration of the supreme divinity with humility and thanking the almighty for all the blessings bestowed. This rendition was highly appreciated by the many Parsis present in the audience. Guru K. Kalyanansundaram is greatly acclaimed for his inclusion of other cultures in the ancient art form of Bharatha Natyam.

Anainah has been a disciple of Sri Rajarajeswari Bharatha Natya Kala Mandir for eleven years under the tutelage of Smt. Mythili Kalyanasundaram and Smt. Bharathi Natanakumar. The Kala mandir, established in 1945, is regarded worldwide as the most prestigious Centre for Bharatha Natyam in traditional Thanjavur style.

Anainah started learning Bharatha Natyam at age five as an after-school activity at the Cathedral and John Connon school. She was inspired watching an Arangetram video of her mothers’ friend and decided to follow suit early on. Her discipline and commitment to dance has been commendable. Anainah was in Std IX, being prepped for the Arangetram, when the pandemic hit. She used dance as a physical activity and a stress buster from the continuous virtual school life. These online classes greatly enhanced her skills.

With the pandemic showing no sign of backing off, as she moved to Std X, Anainah gave all her attention to academics, securing a brilliant 97% in her ICSE boards. She resumed her dance practice and worked harder to get back her form and finally, in a couple of years, her Arangetram was fixed. She practiced through her summer vacation to ensure the perfect rendition and succeeded. Her decade-long journey is marked with perseverance and commitment. The daughter of Dilnaz and Kaikhushroo Adajania, Anainah’s maternal grandfather – Captain Hoshang F Balsara, was part of the team that flew the Holy Fire from Aden to India.

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